How To Buy The Best Necklace Length For Your Body Type

To find the perfect length necklace, take a look at your neck, face and body type to get the right fit.

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Going through your jewellery collection, do you own a necklace that you seldom wear? Sure, you might not like the necklace anymore, or it could’ve been part of a long-forgotten fad. But one of the main reasons women stop wearing a necklace is because it isn’t flattering. That is, it doesn’t fit well.

Here are top tips to shopping for the perfect silver necklaces UK.

Stick Your Neck Out

A really quick way to find the right length silver necklace is to measure the length of a necklace you tend to wear often. No doubt if you wear the piece often, you find it to be the most flattering. Or perhaps the best length that works well with your wardrobe.

When it comes to figuring out the best length of necklace, think about your body – the shape of your face, the size of your bust and your overall height. Start at your neck, though. Every type of necklace will touch the neck so what’s going on in the neck area counts big time.

Silver necklaces need to work with the length and width of your neck. Does your neck have a couple of wrinkles? If you have long neck, you can wear just about any necklace. But do try a necklace on before buying it.

Lengths and Widths

Long, thin necks suite chokers beautifully.  But a choker worn on a short neck will make the neck look rather stubby. If you have a short neck, choose a 20 to 24 inches long necklace to help elongate your neck.

If you have a wrinkled neck, stay away from tight and short silver necklaces that can draw attention to the wrinkles. Opt for long necklaces that have pendants and draw the eye away from the neck.

When choosing silver necklaces UK, consider your upper torso. Something less than 22 inches long should sit at or above the bust. If you’d like a longer necklace, make sure it works with your torso’s length, particularly if you are fuller figured or short.

Height should be a consideration when picking a silver necklace. Taller women and those of average height can wear almost any length but shorter women can be overwhelmed by chunky designs and longer pieces.

Face Shape

Face shape should also be a factor when picking a silver necklace. Common face descriptions include round, oval, heart-shaped and square. 

Oval faces can adorn just about any length of necklace. But round faces look better with longer silver necklaces with a charm or pendant. These types of neck pieces create a slimming “V” shape that draws attention away from the face. Round faces should avoid round chokers that will make the face look chubbier. 

Your Clothes

Finally, consider your wardrobe when buying a necklace. For example, let’s say you wear high necks and turtle necks often. Beads and long ropes will look good but if you have a fuller figure and are shorter, these might not work. The necklace length you choose should add to your overall look and work to enhance your appearance.

There is a great deal to consider when choosing a silver necklace. From face, body type and neck to the clothing in your wardrobe – each factor will contribute to the length of the piece you decide on. 

There’s a lot of planning that comes into it, but you might just find something you absolutely love and have to have. It’s up to you to decide if that funky silver necklace will be the perfect length for you and might be the ideal finish to your outfit.

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  1. Great post! I am not very into necklaces, but I love statement necklaces and I wear them all the time. I feel they look better one me than long necklaces :) xx

  2. very informative post - choosing the right accessory makes such a difference.

    1. It can make a big difference to your overall look.

  3. I have a long thin neck so chokers do suit me. Shame they make be feel like I am being throttled though!

  4. Interesting - I've always instinctively gone for longer chains and that seems right for me.

  5. I love long thin chains I have rather a good collection now :) Havaing the right accessories is esential :)

  6. I prefer longer chains too. Depends on the outfit though, sometimes short chains work better x

  7. This is a really useful guide, I love statement necklaces and find they can really make an outfit. I am quite short though so I have to make sure they don't look too much on my body! Alice x

    1. I think statement necklaces can make an outfit as you say but shouldn't overpower you either.

  8. I'm so keen on getting a dainty necklace, I think they make everything look a little softer. Statement or tiny pieces are my favourite. I'm still in a debate with myself as to whether silver or gold jewellery suits me better.

    1. I prefer silver or rose gold but that is just me.