Finding The Perfect Petite Prom Dress

Women were created differently each with their own unique set of features. In this article, we will focus on the petite woman and how she should pick a prom dress that will perfectly fit her small frame.

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For a girl, High School prom is a day for not only looking absolutely stunning, it will most likely also be the last day she will have all her fellow classmates and teachers in the same room together. It sounds cliché but the prom is more than just a dress, however it’s a good place to start!

This is why we have written this article especially aimed at petite women who want to find the perfect dress for their sleek, slim and slender figure which will make heads turn as she walks through the door. So, here goes…

What To Look Out For When Dress Shopping 

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Choosing The Right Style

If you take care to look at the proportion and fit of a dress, you will have a better chance of the garment complementing your curves and you cannot go wrong! From elegant cocktail dresses to glamorous maxi numbers, if you are a petite woman you should know that there is plenty of choice out there when searching for that perfect prom dress.

For example, when you are hunting for the prom dress of your dreams remember to look for V-necks as these accentuate your upper body and make you look taller. Also, be careful if your dress goes in at the waistline. Making sure that the proportion is correct and ensuring the taper lines up with your waist will either make or break the dress.

Feel free to rock shorter dresses too! Who said that prom dresses had to be long, pink and puffy? Actually, petite women often look dressier when the hemline is above the knee and it’s also good to stay clear of anything with too much material. However, be careful when it comes to dresses that stop at calf-length as this can drastically reduce the length of your legs.

A-line and trumpet prom dresses can also look beautiful on petite women as these dresses tend to have waistlines above your actual waist which will create a longer body and added height.

Choosing The Right Colour

If you want to keep on the safe side when it comes to colours, we have some invaluable advice for you. When shopping around at the vast selection of 2015 homecoming dresses either online or in-store it is important to think carefully not only about the shape but the colour of the dress.

If you are 5’4 or below it’s good to stick to only a couple of colour variations. Something monochrome will be beautiful as it lengthens your figure and will help you look taller if this is what you are hoping to achieve with a prom dress.

Choosing The Right Shape

If you want to get the perfect shape dress to complement your figure, it’s safe to choose a homecoming gown that has a slightly tighter fit which means you won’t get lost in a dress with too much material. This way you can easily make a statement as your overall look will have more of an impact on the eye.

Choosing The Right Fabric
If there are any daring readers out there, we want to urge you to be cautious with patterns! Keep your style cool and different if you wish but remember that it’s best to keep things plain and simple to bring out the best of your shape. The fabric doesn’t really matter too much but the detail should be simplistic and elegant, so nothing too involved. If you want detail, it should be on the bodice only to draw the focus upwards.

By taking away some of our tips and using them as shopping guidelines when you are prom dress hunting, you can steal the show on your special day and achieve an absolutely stunning look!

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  1. Some great tips - I think choosing the right dress shape and colour are so important.

    1. I think they are too, I know as I am short myself.

  2. Brilliant tips - fiinding the right dress can be tricky whatever size and shape you are so good to have some easy to follow guidelines x

  3. Great pointers - my daughter will find this useful in a few years!!

  4. Great tips here, wow I remember trying to choose my summer leavers ball dress and it being a looong process. definitely teh right fit and colour is super important. x

  5. Wish I could go back to when it was my prom and also the weight I was at my prom :)

  6. I am glas that I do not have to go through the dress issue with my boys!

  7. I am so glad that I never had to do this, we just had a disco when I left school and we wore jeans lol x

    1. We had a disco at my school too. Things have changed today.

  8. I remember my 6th form ball I spent ages finding a dress and someone else still ended up ️wearing the same one as me! Gah!

  9. Some fantastic tips here - I never went to prom but then it was only starting to become a thing here at that point. x

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