Degustabox For February

This month's Degustabox was a great box. I have to admit the healthy box from January didn't do much for me, I want cake and chocolate! So this month, I was very excited when we had cake and chocolate...

If you are not aware of the concept of Degustabox, this is a monthly food delivery service. Each month you get a random selection of food and drink, mostly new products and ones yet to establish themselves in the food and drink market.

Every box is great value, with 9-14 products, each box costing only £12.99 with delivery but the value being much more than this.

This month we had: -
Melba Thins £1.39

These thin crispbreads are nice to snack on with a variety of toppings, some cream cheese perhaps or hummus. You get 10 packs in a box too, each pack contains 6 thins so that is useful for calorie counting.

Schwartz Flavour Shots £1.40 (for two)

Schwartz Flavour Shots are often included in the food box and this month is no exception. A concentrated little pot of flavour, these are great for keeping in your cupboard and for adding an authentic taste to your cooking. The Indian Mild Marsala curry was really delicious.

Laimon Fresh £1.99

This is a 100% natural drink as it says on the label. My son tried this and found the combination of mint and lemon interesting. I think it is a little more than I would pay normally for a drink like this. An alternative to sparkling water or lemonade.

Whole Earth Three Nut Butter £3.00

My husband loves peanut butter, and this nut butter which is a mix of cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts is a tasty alternative and high in protein. Made with the finest natural ingredients Whole Earth Three Nut Butter is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Peanut Hottie £3.00

This looks like tea with milk when made with hot water, but has the taste of peanuts. An alternative to hot chocolate and also caffeine free this is a warming drink, that is a bit different. They also make a peanut butter and chocolate drink which sounds delightful!

Lily O'Brien's Cocoa Cookie Crunch £2.60

I found these chocolate and cookie pieces quite sweet but good if you want something small and chocolately (if you can resist eating the packet). Also this would make a great pack for sharing in the cinema or watching your favourite TV programmes, and the fact that the pack is resealable is very useful.

American Muffin Company £2.50

The chocolate brownie bites I were sent were very scrummy. Each little packet is individually wrapped too, keeping them fresh. When you want a little treat but are keeping your eye on the calories I would seriously recommend these. Very chocolately and very moorish.

Beet It £1.85 (for two)

These beetroot and oat flapjacks were tasty, the colour was a bit unusual being bright purple, however don't let that put you off. It is recommended to consume a bar 30 mins to 12 hours before exercise. They are marketed as a perfect pre-workout snack containing natural dietary nitrate, this converts to Nitric Oxide which responds to the demands of the body, leading to a boost of stamina, increased blood flow and speedy recovery.

Jack Link's Beef Snack £1.39

I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this, but it was really tasty. It is not dried like beef jerky but it is a beef snack that has some similarities. A snack that is very flavourful and I think this would especially appeal to men especially those on a high protein diet and the carnivores out there.

If you would like to subscribe a Degustabox subscription costs £12.99 per month, inclusive of delivery. The value of the items is usually a lot higher. If you would like a discount of £3 enter code RI781 into checkout when registering.

You can find Degustabox here:-

Tell me what do you think of the food this month?


  1. I love the mixture of family faves and things you've probably never heard of and wouldn't have bought in each box :)

  2. Great mix, but it has to be the cocoa cookie crunch which would do it for me!

    1. Do you have a sweet tooth Sarah? The Cocoa Cookie Crunch is very delicious.

  3. Tempting mixture of things - love the idea of these boxes for trying something new.

    1. If you are open minded and a foodie they are a lovely idea.

  4. I got this box too and I loved it this month x

  5. This looks like a great box! xxx

  6. A mixture of items, be interesting to know what you do with it all x

  7. I love the idea of these boxes but not sure the OCD in me will be clam not knowing :-) .. curse my OCD! xx

  8. I keep wondering whether to get this subscription - I love unique food items!

    1. If you use the discount code above Sara-Jayne you should be able to get £3 off your order.

  9. I've never seen these boxes before, they look great and I love how thorough your review was. There seems to be such a great mix of products in here :) xxx

  10. It looks like a great box to me; I like the selection of different foods you receive in it.