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How To Find A Local Dentist

We all want perfect teeth, and recently I have unfortunately had some problems with my mine. My dentist is a drive away and I have had to get there on numerous occasions over the last month due to a pesky tooth infection. Luckily I work from home but if I didn't it would have been a real problem. It can also be incredibly difficult if you are new to an area to find a local dentist, especially one that is covered by the NHS. This guest post highlights a booking system that is easy to use, efficient and extremely useful next time you want to book a dentist.

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In the age of the internet, you don't need to worry about how to find a local dentist and what to do when you want to sign up and arrange your first appointment.

Step one: review a handy list of dentists in your area

The first step is to go to and type in your location. You will find a list of dentists in your area and you can draw up a shortlist from the available practices in your area. You can also search by practice or dentist name, if you already have some information you wish to follow up, or if want to know more about any particular practice. 

This website also lets you search by treatment, which is a very useful feature if you want to check out the range of options available in your local area.

Step two: check the details of each practice

The next step is to check whether the practice suits your particular needs. Do you have children or elderly people in your family who might need special treatments? Are you looking for an NHS dentist, or a private one? Does the distance from work or home to the practice matter to you? 

Make a list of your requirements and check them against each dentist on your shortlist. This should help you to determine your final choice. 

Step three: book an appointment online

Once you have chosen the right dentist for you, then you should click on the appointments booking function. This allows you to select an appointment time that suits your schedule. You will have to enter a few details at this point, including your email address. 

The practice administrator will confirm your booking by email. Now you are nearly there, and have successfully completed the initial registration and booking process.

Step four: attend your appointment at your chosen dental practice

The last step is, of course, to visit your dentist at the appointed time. You will have to complete some forms on your first visit, and you will be able to arrange any further treatments when you are there. Payment is made directly to the practice in the usual way.

For future visits, you can use the same appointments booking process. It is so quick and easy to use this online booking system, and you can even book appointments late at night and over the weekend, because the website is available outside office hours. 

This system really streamlines the process of booking dental appointments, and it makes life so much easier for you, and for your dentist.

* This is a guest post


  1. This is an incredibly useful resource. I've never even heard of but will share it on our FB page now. Great post!


  2. Great post! I have a fabulous dentist, expensive but so worth it. He's fabulous xxx

    1. Having a great dentist is very important. Sourcing a great dentist can be difficult too.

  3. I really need to a find a new once since moving, haven't been for two years eeek!

    1. I think you need to get registered soon Gem, I wouldn't wish toothache on my worst enemy.

  4. I've not heard of this before and have always gone on reccomendation before as I'm a very nervous patient when it comes to dental care. I had to visit the dentist recently actually as I need an extraction or a root canal but because I'm so nervous I've had temporary work until I can go and have treatment under sedation. I'm a baby I know! This website is definitely worth checking out though if ever I move.xx


    1. Keep it in mind if you ever move or need to change your dentist.

  5. For years I had been looking for a dentist, but many of them had really long waiting lists or weren't taking on new patients. In the end I found this one who would see my private, fortunately the fees weren't too expensive. I've been going there for a while now and they now see me as an NHS patient x

  6. Great tips - I wish I had read a review about my local dentist as to be honest he is really awful and can never see you in an emergency and I had a crown down, which I paid a lot for and within about 6 months it fell off! I now go to a private one in Cardiff which is expensive but the work she does is amazing and so far has been worth it

    Laura x

    1. That's a shame but glad you have found a good dentist now.

  7. These are some great tips. Steve is having real trouble finding a dentist atm


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