Skiing Techniques

Advanced Ski Techniques

Skiing is a thrilling sport, which only seems to become more thrilling as expertise grows. Learning to ski can be tricky and challenging, but progress is exciting and fulfilling. Once expertise has reached a certain level, it is only human nature to look to increase the level of danger, and there are a number of excellent venues across the world where experienced skiers can show off their skills and daring.

Achieving greater speed is something many advanced skiers like to do, but what techniques can you use to boost your speed on the piste? There are some basic things which any skier can do to improve their speed and overall technique.

Get the Basics Right

Before learning any new advanced techniques, though, it is important that you have a few fundamentals in place. If you are a recent convert to skiing, make sure that all your basic techniques are honed to perfection before trying anything more advanced. It is also a good idea to improve your cardiovascular fitness and core strength, as both of these will be crucial to becoming a better skier. Always seek professional advice from an instructor before trying anything new.

Improving speed is something which requires concentration and practice. Techniques such as the traverse, vertical slideslips and hop turns will all make you a better skier. They are not techniques which you can pick up by magic, though. Only by concentration and application can you become a more efficient downhill flier.

Body Position is Key

An important part of learning to ski more quickly is body position. An expert skier will always ensure that they are leading with their chest. Pointing your chest forward, and getting your upper body into a position where it faces downhill will keep your speed levels high. This is where having good core strength can help significantly.

Obviously, the best way to learn these techniques is from an expert instructor, and most of those are based in ski resorts. If you are looking to learn advanced skiing techniques, then it is best to find a ski resort which offers the resources to enable you to learn. There are plenty of more exclusive ski resorts across the world which will give you the opportunity to go faster.

Race these Routes

One of the more impressive ski resorts in Europe is Zermatt, located close to Davos, in Switzerland. This was actually the birthplace of modern downhill skiing, giving it a pedigree which most resorts can only dream about. Skiers climb to the top of the 2,662-metre Weissfluhjoch, using the Parsenn railway. Once at the summit, the routes down are stunning. The longest route down is the eight-mile cruise to K├╝blis. Another popular resort for advanced skiers is Zermatt, Switzerland. There are gruelling routes for advanced skiers, plus plenty of great apres ski. There are also great chalets in Zermatt, so book ahead and you could be very pleasantly surprised!

Skiers who are after some of the most challenging runs in the world should make sure that they travel to Sarenne, near to Alpe d'Huez, in France. Here, skiers can find the longest black run in the Alps. This 10-mile route usually involves 90 minutes of almost continuous skiing, with a nearby vertical drop of 2000 metres adding more than a soupcon of raw fear to proceedings. Not one for the faint-hearted, or the inexperienced, this venue offers a true test of technique and nerve.


Learning to become a better skier is no easy thing. Finding the best instructors and venues in which learn is key to improvement. But in the end, what will make you a better skier is hard work and application. Improve your fitness, and practice hard, and you will soon see impressive results. Then you may be ready to tangle with the routes on offer at Parsenn or Sarenne.


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  1. You have made me really want to ski again, I used to go skiing every year with my auntie and uncle to Zell am Ziller in Austria absolutely beautiful but then only recently my friends in Switzerland mentioned this place Zermatt - now I want to go although I think I really do need to get fit again doing my exercises. This is a fabulous post and very true, I had an instructor most times until I became comfortable although I'll need one again. Very well written.

    1. I love Zell am Zee, Iwent there is summer, it's a beautiful town.