Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Personal Injury That's Not Your Fault?

Leo Claims is a friendly and professional company owned and operated by Leo Abse & Cohen Solicitors a South Wales based group of solicitors. Members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) they have vast experience in this area of law.

Since 1952, they have helped thousands of individuals from all over the country to win claims totalling millions of pounds and always have their clients best interests at heart.

For personal injury claims they operate on a no win, no fee basis to help you get the compensation you are entitled to, with no hidden costs, so there really is no risk to you.

What type of personal injury can you claim for? 

You maybe able to claim for a personal injury that's not your fault. Some common types of personal injury include bodily injuries, chemical injuries, food poisoning and injuries at work including repetitive strain injury. It also includes injuries of a psychiatric nature. For example you may develop a phobia about driving a car after being in a car accident. If so this is a personal injury and you maybe entitled to compensation. 

Costs you maybe entitled to, include time off work and medical bills amongst others.

If you are wondering what you can claim for, there is an interactive compensation guide on their website, which gives you a rough guide to the amount of money you may receive. It's straightforward and ease to use.

Leo Claims are very sympathetic and understand the stress you are going through at this sensitive time. They are completely professional at all times whilst still having the human touch.

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If you are wondering how long it will take, the process of making a claim varies depending upon the circumstances and the severity of the injury itself. It can be difficult to judge the length of time it takes but they promise to keep you updated throughout the claim.

If you want to to make a claim the simple claim form can be completed online or you can call them 0845 287 9968.

What have you got to lose?

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  1. I have never had to make a claim but it is handy to know there are people out there to help you in that circumstance x

    1. It is especially as it doesn't cost you at all whatever the outcome.

  2. the amount of times you get spam from people who claim they want to help when in all respect they just want ya cash lol, luckily i have never needed one of these but the hubby has and he was happy with them , not this group though never heard of them x

    1. Often the people who ring you are agencies not the actual Lawyers. This is a reputable company so I wouldn't expect them to spam you.

  3. I never trust these things, I get cold calls from injury companies all the time. It's a shame though, because quite a lot of people will honestly need one, but will contact someone themselves...thankfully I've never hurt myself *touches wood*

    1. That's a shame Sara, it must be an agency like in the show The Call Centre. Luckily this company Leo Claims in a professional outfit.

  4. I've never had to claim *touches wood*. I am always inundated with spam phone calls and automated messages. It is rare to see a claim company who aren't shoving adverts and phone calls down your throat and the face that they have been around this long would be reassuring I guess.

    Georgie xx

    1. Thanks for the comment Georgie I think their length of experience is reassuring


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