Garrett Popcorn - Yummy!

Garrett Popcorn is THE original gourmet popcorn. Since its beginnings in 1949 it has become a household name in Chicago and the rest of the USA and has since spread to the Far East and Middle East.  Well I have some great news for you as Garrett's Popcorn is launching its first UK shop very soon in London!

Garrett Popcorn pride themselves on using only the best ingredients for their popcorn and they hand make it in old-fashioned copper cooking kettles. They hot air pop their popcorn and add a mix based on secret family recipes. Everything is freshly made daily.

So what about the flavours? Well their signature flavour is Chicago Mix. This is a mix of caramel crisp and cheese corn. I was dubious about trying this at first. I prefer sweet popcorn to savoury popcorn. However I did really enjoy it. It was an interesting mix of sweet and sticky and salty and cheesy. My husband particularly enjoyed it. The cheese popcorn was particularly distinctive having a strong cheddar cheese flavour. 

Luxury popcorn

Chicago Mix - A mix of Caramel Crisp and Cheese Corn

Then we tried the caramel crisp popcorn. This type of popcorn has a rich buttery flavour, made from brown sugar and is really delicious. They describe it as having a creme brûlée crunch and it certainly does, it is very sweet with a very slight bitter flavour. This makes it moreish but intriguing. Definitely grown up popcorn! I think this would last a long time as you only need a handful or two to get that satisfying flavour.

Gorgeous Retro Tin

As you can see from the photograph above the popcorn has a lovely retro tin which it is presented in. I also received popcorn scoops and bags to serve it in. All of this added to an authentic retro American experience. The tins come in a range of sizes from small to extra large suitable for all from individuals to large families.

Other flavours in the range include 

Almond CaramelCrisp
Pecan CaramelCrisp
Cashew CaramelCrisp
Macadamia CaramelCrisp

On their website they have all the nutritional information needed too if you are keeping an eye on calories. The plain popcorn has a very reasonable 80 calories per 30g and no saturated fat making it a healthier alternative to crisps and almost all their popcorn is gluten free. Obviously the caramel crisp popcorn is higher in calories but as it is very satisfying I think you will agree if you do try it that a little goes a long way.

I'm saving some popcorn for the next new blockbuster, I'm going to dim the lights get comfy on the sofa with my hubby and son J and enjoy!  

So keep an eye out for Garrett popcorn coming to the UK very soon if you'd like to try authentic American luxury popcorn made the old fashioned way.

* I was given some popcorn to try for an honest review
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  1. i started drooling when i read popcorn! caramel and cheese sounds like a random combination but would still try it