Snuggledown Back Sleeper Pillow Review

Did you know that a quarter of us prefer to sleep on our backs and find this the most comfortable position to be asleep? Snuggledown the experts in sleep found this is their recent sleep survey. The benefits of a good night's sleep are too numerous to mention, we all know what we feel like after a particularly disrupted night sleep. Did you also know that whilst we are snuggled up in bed our bodies renew cells, fight infection and our brains recharge for the day ahead?

Have you heard of Snuggledown? Since their beginnings in Scandinavia in 1901, the birthplace of the continental quilt, they have been leading the design and manufacture of quality duvets and pillows around the world. They sell a range of duvets and specialist pillows including the side sleeper pillow, the orthopaedic pillow and king size pillow.

Did you know that sleeping on your back with arms by your sides keeps the spine well aligned? Snuggledown have now created the Snuggledown Back Sleeper pillow, especially designed to support the shoulders and nape of the neck.

Well I was sent this back pillow to try, and was curious how it would make me feel any different. I do actually prefer to sleep on my back, my husband on his front.

With the warm nights recently I have been having difficulty sleeping, I keep waking up and I don't feel rested after a night's sleep. So I used this pillow to see if my sleep pattern could be improved. I was hopeful but also didn't want to get my hopes up too.

Well I can now say that, yes, it made a big difference to my night's sleep, I was susceptible I don't mind telling you but WOW it certainly did help.

How did it help you may wonder? The pillow felt like it was supporting my neck and top of my spine comfortably all night. It is a very 'full' pillow with deeper sides than the average pillow, which in turn provide fullness right to the edge. The 100 % cotton cover lets your skin breathe and you will be pleased to know it's also fully washable. If you like to sleep on your back I would certainly recommend this. Often pillows loose their 'bounce' but I feel this one will last a long time. My pillows in the house are old and thin and the difference to my sleep in using this back sleeper pillow was really amazing.

If you want to buy this pillow it's available from BHS, Amazon and Very amongst other stockists.

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  1. I feel like I'm always buying new pillows as they never seem to last.

    As my husband has a bad back, this could be a great choice for us!

  2. Whenever I have trouble sleeping, I have to sleep on my back and it does help alleviate back pain, so I'd love to try this pillow.

  3. Sounds amazing, something for my christmas list from my husband perhaps?!

  4. it sounds amazing great for me with my back back will tell the other half this is what we need lol

  5. what a great idea to have a pillow especially for people who sleep on their backs
    i have yet to find a pillow that is truly comfortable for me all the time i seem to be fine sometimes but other times wake up with a sore neck

  6. The pillow is very comfortable - highly recommended

  7. I'm a back sleeper but that's only cos I can't sleep on my damaged hips or on my front because it hurts my tum. It's amazing the products they produce now & I am interested in learning more about this pillow as I can see it being something useful especially as I spend most of my time in bed. Thank you x