Lumie Light Therapy for Problem Skin

I have a teenage son, and when I was given the opportunity to blog about the Lumie Clear therapy pod in conjunction with him I jumped at the chance. My son has typical teenage skin, with white spots, hard lumps and red areas. He was keen to try the Lumie Clear.

About Lumie
The company has been making medical devices since 1991 and are suppliers to the NHS as well as major retailers such as Boots and John Lewis.  They are well known for researching and developing light therapy pods for Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Lumie Clear is certified to the medical device directive and was developed with leading dermatologists as a new treatment for mild-moderate acne. It offers an alternative to acne creams and prescriptions. Using blue and red LEDs, Lumie Clear emits blue light to kill the bacteria that cause acne and red light to soothe inflammation and heal the skin. In clinical trials, this made a real difference to the skin within four weeks and, after 12 weeks, the skin was 76% less inflamed and 56% clearer.

The Lumie Clear can be used to treat your face, back, arms, or any areas affected with acne. 

my son J 
 I would say he has mild acne.

The instructions to use the Lumie are very straightforward. Most people either hold it close to the area they are treating or use it on a stand. It has an in-built timer, which stops after 15 minutes so there is no worry of having a longer dose than is needed. Goggles are supplied with the unit and you must use them if you are using the product near your face. You can still read, listen to music and do other things when using the device and J listens to his iPod. It advises you to stop using the device if you have an adverse reaction. J did not report any issues with using the machine, and no irritation was noted. 

My son has so far used the pod for two weeks. In this time he has seen an improvement in his skin but I feel a greater improvement can be seen if the pod is used for at least 4 weeks. The improvement he has seen includes less inflammation and redness of his skin, particularly around his nose and forehead.  

It does take a time commitment to use the unit every day, but I feel if you have acne then the Lumie Clear can help and is certainly worth the commitment in time and money. 

I have been given a Lumie Clear to trial for this post ( (in conjunction with my son) but the opinions are entirely my own and his.

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