Slumberdown For Suggly Soft Comfort Whatever The Weather

Have you ever had that dilemma when the weather gets lovely and warm but you still want to be cosy in bed? Most people I know these days have duvets on their bed and often feel one duvet is enough for all weathers. But Slumberdown have come up with a great idea. Their all weather duvet is actually two duvets for all seasons - how cool is that!

Have you heard of Slumberdown? Slumberdown have been manufacturing & selling high-quality bedding, pillows, duvets and mattress protectors for over 40 years. Slumberdown also have the latest innovation in its production facility, and over £1 million per annum is invested back into its UK-based factory, with the aim of increasing efficiencies and improving product quality for its customers.

Slumberdown focus on all aspects of performance, from quality, comfort and just as importantly the affordability of their products. They have an assortment of ranges including Ultrabounce, Anti-Allergy, and All Seasons. 

The All Seasons duvet is perfect for all weathers. The two duvets are 4.5 tog and 9 tog. 4.5 is perfect for Summer and 9.0 is perfect for Spring or Autumn. But what happens if it is cold outside you maybe wondering? Well, the 
'All Seasons' duvet pack allows you to attach the both duvets together with a simple popper button system so you have the perfect warmth for winter.

I tested the duvets recently and found the 4.5 duvet lovely and soft and yet very light and thin. I attached the 9.0 duvet via the popper system and found it easy to do and appreciated the cosiness on a cooler night.  I can see how this would be so warm in the winter. One thing I noticed was that the poppers didn't come undone when I used the duvets together.

If you need more information about Tog levels here is a handy chart.

This duvet is also machine washable at 40 degrees C and suitable for tumble drying too. No longer do you need to take a duvet to be dry cleaned!

If you want to find out more about this duvet check out Argos for some great deals, this July this duvet is now half price! Slumberdown duvets can also be bought in Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco too.

Slumberdown have recently launched a blog and social media channels recently. Their Facebook page has lots of information too. When you are there why don't you check out the competition they are running at the moment especially suitable for those with little ones.

* I have been given this duvet to review but the opinions are entirely my own


  1. This is exactly what I need at the moment. It's so hot in the nights!

  2. I have actually got one very similar to this and I cannot agree with you more! The only difference is mine is very fiddly to attach together so will be looking about getting one of these ones.

  3. I think I need to look out for one if our hot weather returns :-)