Thursday, 11 July 2013

Slumberdown Travel Pillow Review

I have recently come back from holiday to the USA. The flight was SOOO long and I never got comfortable especially on the long journey back at night. I could have done with the Slumberdown travel pillow then I can tell you!

Slumberdown are a great company that produce duvets and pillows. They have been manufacturing & selling these items for over 40 years and use a UK factory to produce their products. 

They have also produced the very useful travel pillow, and not any old travel pillow either - a memory foam travel pillow.

This travel pillow would be very useful for flying or for use when you are a passenger in a car on a long journey. The memory foam moulds to your neck to make it a very comfortable fit. It's a super support too when you want to catch 40 winks....

The cover is removable for washing which is a good idea, and it is very light in weight, great to pack in your hand luggage for a plane journey. It also comes in black or red.

Soon the memory foam travel pillow by Slumberdown is to go on very special offer at larger Tesco stores at a bargain price of £5! The dates for this special offer is 29 July to 7 August. Normally this would retail at £10 which is still a super price for this quality, but at £5 you can't go wrong. Just in time for those summer trips. If you have children why not buy more than one so you know they will be comfortable on the journey and not grumpy when they get there. The pillow is adult size but would also be suitable for children although perhaps too big for the youngest toddlers and babies.

So if you want to try a travel pillow or want to replace one of those uncomfortable blowup pillows for your travel plans, why don't you check out the Slumberdown memory foam pillow today.

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* I was given the pillow to review but the opinions are entirely my own


  1. This would be great for my children. We're off to Cornwall soon and they would be great for the car journey. Thanks for the review.

    1. I would say it would be perfect for a long car journey

  2. I really need one of these! I am always falling asleep on long journeys, sometimes even on the sofa after a long day (today is a fine example!). And my poor neck suffers :(

    1. ouch! I know exactly what you mean, this would be a good idea for you

  3. Oooh, I could do with one right now, we're off to West Wales tomorrow, and I know I'll end up dozing off in the car. And even if I don't the black one looks hours of fun for a small person, turned upside down it makes Mickey Mouse ears! Squeaky has been eyeing them up in Tesco & demanding one anyway, so I might have to take advantage of that deal!

    1. ha ha Mickey Mouse ears! I haven't thought of that! It is definitely a great deal


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