Guide On How To Get Free Stuff

There are genuine freebies in the UK, but getting them requires you to have an intricate knowledge of how and where to look. Herein is the ultimate guide on how to get genuine freebies while negating the chances of getting scammed and ripped off in 2017.

Golden Rules Of Getting Freebies

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#1. Read The Fine Print

Whilst there are many genuine freebie offers, some of them come with a catch, which may include a requirement to purchase something before receiving a freebie. As such, they are not genuine freebies. It is thus important to ensure that you read and understand the fine print in the terms and conditions of every offer to ensure that you understand what you are signing up for.

#2. Conduct Extensive Reviews

Always conduct an intricate review of the offer you are about to sign up for. There are many reviewing sites on the internet and people users these days do review freebie offers. This means that there is a huge amount of reliable review information on the internet. If everyone or just about everyone has something bad to say about the offers, think twice about signing up. On the other hand, do not get hung up on the odd bad review.

#3. Never Give Out Online Payment Info

It is important that you do not give out your payment information while signing up for freebies. However, there are some offers (especially free trial offers) that require payment details as part of signing up. In such cases, always make sure that you cancel the offers before payments are made.

#4. Think Twice About Taking Up Extremely Enticing Offers

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Typically, genuine freebies range from free rewards and free sample products. However, you cannot expect to receive loads of cash or a free car sample. With this in mind, if the offer sounds ridiculously enticing, more often than not, it is a scam.

The Top Websites And Apps For Freebies

BzzAgent – They offer free products for mentions on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other popular websites.

GumTree’s Freebies Section – This section offers a wide variety of free stuff including TVs, sofas, Concrete, Scrap wood, and many other items.

ApplauseStore – This website focuses on offering free tickets to live TV shows, filmings and recordings. And – These two websites are designed to help people give stuff they no longer use to any interested individuals in their local areas. They particularly come in handy if you are searching for stuff such as furniture. – It offers free samples, freebies, and printable vouchers for use in stores.

O2 Priority – This app is available on Android and iOS app stores and gives out freebies, offers, and awesome deals.

WeQ4U – As a freebie app, WeQ4U is quite specific. It allows users to get through to companies on their direct numbers (instead of 0800) and skip the queues, negating the price of phone calls to companies.

If you have any high-quality freebie websites or apps that should be on this list, please share i
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