5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Size for Your Pergola

Homeowners must be creative when designing gardens to make their homes comfortable and attractive. What better way to improve a garden than building a pergola? These structures provide shade without shielding the sunshine or the pleasant outdoor breeze. However, pergolas are pretty expensive. Therefore, homeowners should choose a durable pergola that complements their garden and home. Here are five tips to help property owners choose the right pergola size for their backyard.

1. Understand the Space


When installing a pergola, homeowners should not estimate the measurements by looking at the space. They need to be hands-on with a tape measure, ladder, pen, and paper to measure the space they want to install the pergola. They can also work with The Luxury Pergola to take the correct measurements and construct the structure. While measuring the space, they must consider obstacles like trees and flowerbeds that might affect the style of the pergola. Remember that the height of the pergola should be carefully calculated, especially if installed near the house.

2. Determine the Purpose

Homeowners must determine what they want to do with their pergolas and how many people they want to fit in these structures. They should also decide if they need to leave extra room for plants and flowers around it. If possible, they should consider the furniture they plan to use in the space to know how big the pergola needs to cover it and allow all their guests to sit comfortably.

3. Anticipate Future Changes


Future plans and vegetation growth could determine how a pergola will look a few years later. Therefore, property owners should understand that trees might flourish and block the view or the breeze they want to enjoy. They should determine the size of the pergola while estimating the potential growth of vegetation and the plans for constructing other structures around their home. This ensures the trees and structures do not overshadow the pergola.

4. Keep It Proportional

Homeowners need to understand that a pergola is an additional space in their home. Therefore, it is prudent for them to consider the size of their home to ensure the size of the pergola they get is proportional to that of the house. They should understand that a large pergola next to a small house will not be aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, a small one may not work well with a large home or backyard. The secret is to make everything proportional to boost the curb appeal.

5. Pay Attention to the Roof Coverage

Some homeowners want a fully covered pergola that protects occupants from the sun and other elements. Others install an open or translucent roofing that allows sunlight and allows free flow of air. Therefore, homeowners should choose the best material and install the right size of roofing to ensure comfort and convenience. The roof of the pergola should also complement the roof of the house., what is the right size of a pergola? The size of the pergola homeowners should install depends on their needs, space, purpose, size of their homes, and future growth. When it comes to getting these structures, homeowners should take their time and get it right rather than rushing and ending up with an outdoor structure that does not serve their needs. They should also involve professionals from the planning to the installation phase. This will minimize the chances of making costly mistakes that are hard to fix later.

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