Accessories That Will Add An Autumn Flair To Your Outfits

If you’re tired of your style and old garments and are looking for a way to level up your wardrobe, autumn is the perfect time to rethink your style and update your collection with some chic new accessories. In today’s article, we’ll give you a list of some accessories that are a must if you want to make your looks more appropriate for the colder seasons while staying stylish and fashionable. 


woman with hat
One cannot imagine autumn without hats, as this accessory is both fashionable and highly useful for the colder months of the year. For the sunnier early September days, a wide-brimmed sun hat is a good option, since you can wear it with a sundress or a jeans and t-shirt combination, while chillier days require something thicker and more protective like a felt fedora or a tweed Irish flat cap. For a more timeless approach, go for neutral colours like black or beige that easily match any ensemble you decide to wear, but if you want to make your looks more vivid you can also choose a hat in a brighter shade such as navy or red. 


When you’re not feeling too confident in your own outfit, but aren’t sure what exactly it misses, add a scarf on top and you’re good to go! This season, Celtic scarves are in high demand due to their intricate designs and patterns that are perfect for the autumn season. You can wear a thin silk scarf around your neck to make your basic work outfit a bit more interesting or choose a thicker pashmina scarf that will adorn your coat. Gaelsong is an authentic online store that sells Celtic scarves made of all kinds of fabrics so that you can get the right one for every weather. However, if the distinctive design is not enough for you and you want to make your outfit stand out even more, get a scarf ring from the same store, since this unique accessory simply can’t go unnoticed.


Although at first glance, it might seem that scarves and shawls are the same thing, they’re actually way more different than one would think. When compared with scarves, shawls usually have a square or rectangular shape and are made of thicker and warmer fabrics so they are perfect for the cold months of the year. Additionally, thanks to their shape, shawls are usually worn tied around the shoulders on top of your trench coat, and on a particularly cold day at school or work you can also use them to keep yourself warm and protected. Make sure to choose a thick knit shawl in an eye-catching colour like burgundy or emerald green to spice up your autumnal looks.


Choosing the right pair of shoes should be your number one priority this fall since the perfect boots will not only make any outfit look stylish and put together but also prevent you from catching a cold. Thankfully, from combat and Chelsea boots to kitten heels and loafers, there are so many styles to choose from this autumn that you will definitely find the right one for you. Your footwear has to be fashionable yet comfortable, so consider buying a size up to have enough additional space for wearing thick socks and tights during colder days. For your everyday shoes, we recommend going for a pair of leather Chelsea boots with no heels so that you can feel comfortable all day long.

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