Why Built-In Bathtubs Are Making A Splash

As we hurtle towards the end of 2023, it's clear that built-in bathtubs are having a moment. With their sleek, minimalist designs and customisable features, built-in tubs are becoming the bathrooms of choice for style-conscious Brits across the country. But why has this particular type of tub become so popular? What's so great about having a bathtub built-in? Let's take a soak and find out...

Built-In Basics

Built in bathtub

For the uninitiated, a built-in tub is one that is recessed into an alcove or platform in your bathroom. Unlike regular, freestanding tubs, built-ins don't take up floor space as they are nestled into the wall or floor. This gives your bathroom a cleaner, more streamlined look and feels more spacious. If you're working with a compact bathroom, a built-in tub can be a godsend.

Customised Comfort

Built-ins also allow you to customise your tub to fit your space perfectly. The tub can be tailored to any length or shape needed, rather than having to squeeze an off-the-shelf tub into an ill-fitting spot. This bespoke approach means your dream tub can become a reality. Fancy an oval two-person tub with a sloped back to lean against? No problem. How about a corner tub with a textured interior? Built-ins make it happen.

Luxury Features

And it's not just about looks. Built-in tubs provide practical perks too. The surrounding platform often creates useful storage space for bath accessories. Some built-ins even allow you to install hydrotherapy massage jets for the ultimate spa experience. You can also add handy little luxuries like heated tub walls and integrated lighting. Bliss.

Zen Simplicity

Of course, a key part of the built-in tub's appeal lies in its minimal, fuss-free aesthetic. The pared back style provides a relaxing, zen-like bathroom environment that so many of us crave these days. Just imagine sinking into a smooth, stone resin tub with nothing but serene tiles around you. Ahh. No clutter, no fussy details, just clean lines and a place to escape the stresses of modern life. Perfection.

Contemporary Chic


But if the zen vibe isn't your bag, built-ins can also look super glam. Many companies offer built-in tubs in striking colours and materials like glossy acrylic, sparkling quartz composite, and even copper. Paired with bold tiles, brass fittings, and funky lights, your built-in bath can become the swanky centrepiece of an urban chic bathroom.

Wellness Revival

With wellness being so in vogue, the built-in tub also enables the ultimate home spa experience. Just imagine stepping into your sleek, relaxing bath sanctuary after a long stressful day. Let the warmth relax your muscles as soothing music plays. Add a bath pillow, scented candles, and a glass of wine for the ultimate unwinding ritual. A built-in tub makes it easy to create a little corner of wellness heaven right at home.

Green Credentials

And let's not forget the eco-friendly advantages of built-in tubs. Their sleek, minimalist designs use less material than bulky freestanding tubs. Many are also made from recycled and natural materials with low VOCs. Paired with water-saving taps and an eco-cleaning routine, your built-in bath can help reduce your environmental impact. A win for your wallet and the planet!

Hopefully, it's clear why a stylish built in bathtub like these from draw a bath, have taken the UK by storm. With their versatility, customisation options, and sleek contemporary styling, built-in tubs let you create your dream bathroom. They optimise space, provide added luxury, and just look so darn good.

So if you're renovating or want to add some wow factor to your home, be sure to consider a built-in bathtub. Your bathroom will become a sanctuary you never want to leave. Just be warned - once you have a built-in soak, you may never want to get out of the tub again!

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