Arosmic Perfume - Designer Fragrance Dupes Review

Perfume can be so expensive.  With the average designer fragrance starting at £50 and rising to over £200, you can see how expensive and what a big business it is.  This has brought a rise of the 'fragrance dupes'. But what are fragrance dupes?


What Are Fragrance Dupes?

Fragrance dupes, also known as perfume dupes or fragrance alternatives, are scents that are designed to closely resemble or mimic the fragrance of a high-end or popular perfume or cologne. These dupes are created by other fragrance companies and are often more affordable than the original designer fragrances they imitate.

The term "dupe" is short for duplicate, indicating that the scent is meant to replicate the aroma of a particular fragrance. However, it's important to note that fragrance dupes are not exact copies of the original scents. Instead, they aim to capture the essence and keynotes of the high-end fragrances.

Fragrance dupes have gained popularity because they allow consumers to enjoy similar scents without having to pay the higher price tags associated with designer perfumes. They are created using different combinations of fragrance oils and ingredients to achieve a similar olfactory experience.

One such company producing high-quality fragrance dupes are Arosmic Perfume.

Who Are Arosmic?

Arosmic are a company that believes everyone should be able to afford perfume that will make you smell great. All the perfumes are made from natural ingredients and are long-lasting as there is nothing worse than perfume that doesn't last the day. 

The products are 100 per cent cruelty-free and vegan, Halal complaint and their glass bottles are 100 per cent recycled and recyclable. 

They are also made in England so it is good to know that by buying a fragrance from Arosmic you are contributing to the UK economy. I always like supporting British businesses!

Arosmic sent me a range of fragrances to try, here are my thoughts below.

Good Gal

good gal perfume

Good Gal is inspired by Caroline Herrera's Good Girl. It's a fragrance that combines 
redcurrant and rose with lychee and vetiver. It's a feminine light fragrance that has a warm base note so can be worn from day to night. Good Gal, I feel, is the ideal perfume to wear to work and it will take you to drinks out with your colleagues too. 


Daisy perfume

Daisy is inspired by Marc Jacob's Daisy. This is a very light fragrance which is very romantic and innocent. The sort of perfume you wear on a first date or your wedding day.  It has base notes of vanilla and musk, floral notes of violet and gardenia and top notes of violet and blood grapefruit. If you love floral fragrances you won't be disappointed with Daisy. 


Cherry prefume

Cherry is inspired by Tom Ford's Lost Cherry. It has base notes of bitter almond and black cherry. mid notes of sour cherry and Turkish rose, and top notes of sandalwood and tonka beans amongst other things. You can definitely smell the tonka bean which is like vanilla and the cherry notes. Another feminine fragrance which is perfect for daytime.


Arosmic Perfume

Now I have to admit, I am no perfume expert but I enjoyed trying out the various fragrances from Arosmic perfume. The perfumes appear to last well and the prices are relatively affordable compared to original designer perfumes.  They don't have the marketing budget that the big perfume brands have so that equates to savings for their customers. The 100 Ml perfumes cost £26.99 and you can buy 3 choices at the moment for £49.99. They have samples too for £4.99 so you can try before you buy.  They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee so you really haven't got a lot to lose. But don't accept my word for it, read what fellow blogger Jen thinks of Arosmic Perfumes too.

Check out the perfumes from Arosmic and shop now for perfume dupes

Let me know, if you would you try a designer fragrance dupe from Arosmic!

*Collaborative post, all words and opinions are my own.

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