Garden Style Trends For 2018

When we think of style trends we tend to think of clothing fashions but gardens have trends too, and today gardening has become more of an art form than ever before.  The garden trends for 2018 according to Rattan Direct seem to be focusing on nature, health and wellness. These are some of the garden trends we need to be looking out for in 2018.


This Japanese word means 'rustic' and focuses on the imperfect and incomplete and keeping things real. It allows nature to do its own thing.

The idea behind Wabi-sabi is just let nature take its course, so less upkeep for the gardener - think weathered pots, moss covered stones and rusty iron gates. 

Outdoors indoors 

Houseplants are making a big return and having plants in your home can help oxygenate the air, with anecdotal evidence of better sleep and improved wellbeing. So when you are in the garden centre next, grab some leafy pot plants, cacti or pretty flowers for your home.

2018 also sees a trend for micro-farming, allowing you to grow food in mini greenhouse gardens in your home, complete with LED lights that imitate daylight! There is nothing nicer than having the satisfaction of eating your homegrown herbs and vegetables, so why not consider making a micro-farm in your home.

Reclaiming small spaces

With so many of us living in flats and apartments and house prices being constantly on the rise, garden designers are starting to taking notice. There are now planters than slot onto balcony rails, urban gardens are all the rage and old-school macrame planters are having a revival.

Use the space, use your balcony, use your window box, use your shelves and bring some life into your home with plants. 

Alfresco living

We Brits are keen to bring some Mediterranean flavour into our home and garden with alfresco living, whatever the weather. Alfresco means 'in the open air' and these alfresco dining spaces are being made into a real feature with fire pits, barbecues and pizza ovens.

Add some lanterns, comfy furniture and cosy blankets for a change in the weather and you are ready to enjoy the outdoors, UK style.

Lighting the way

The trends in garden lighting are focusing on renewable energy for 2018. Using solar energy we can light our outdoor areas without having to worry about changing the batteries, or the fire risks of candles. It is cost effective too, and a great budget way of adding to a garden makeover.

Use a combination of lighting styles to create that perfect ambience all lit by solar energy, such as mason jars, fairy lights, solar lanterns and outdoor wall lights.

So these are some of the garden trends for 2018. What do you think of these ideas? Will you be implementing any?

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  1. I love my houseplants, I'm constantly surprised I haven't killed them but they certainly cheer up my house.

  2. Such beautiful outdoor furnishings and ideas. They would brighten up any outdoor space be it small or large.

  3. I really want to get some houseplants this year. There are some wonderful looking ones available at the moment :)

    Louise x

    1. It always cheers me up going to the garden centre.

  4. Where's the one called "garden strewn with discarded footballs and a playpen that blew over the fence from no. 10"? Can't seem to see it in this list.

  5. I have a wonderful sized outdoor garden, that is looking so sorry for itself at the moment. It really needs a serious amount of tlc. My plan would be to get it all right and make a lovely outdoor seating area at the bottom to overlook the sea. Some great inspiration from your post, got me thinking about it again.

    1. Hope you get around to sorting it out and glad my post has inspired you. Thank you.

  6. I'm all about Al fresco living and eating as well as being nature indoors! Also reclaiming small spaces - I feel the patio and courtyard gardens are going to be big this year

    Laura x

  7. These are some great trends, I really wish I had a large outdoor space to be able to do more with x