A Quick Guide To Choosing Your Bedroom Flooring

There are a number of options available to you when choosing bedroom flooring and you may not know where to start in researching this.  In this guide, I will take you through the mains type of flooring suitable for your bedroom, taking into account ease of cleaning, how it feels underfoot, design and aesthetics and cost. 

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is 100 percent natural wood, refined from a piece of hardwood and then treated to give it a protective coating. It has a beauty and warmth and fits in with most styles of decor. 

It is normally laid in strips or planks in a bedroom although parquet is also popular. Parquet flooring is where individual pieces or blocks of wood are fitted together to form a patterned floor.

Solid wood flooring can be pricey but lasts years. Keep it clean by daily sweeping.  For a more thorough clean vacuum it and mop with a damp mop. Solid wood flooring may need to be oiled, check with the manufacturer when it is installed.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made of a layer of melamine and fibre board, with a wood effect top. It is available in a wide range of wood designs and colours. 

Laminate flooring is versatile, easy to clean and fairly durable, although it is suspectable to scratching.  It is also cheaper than solid wood flooring so is a useful compromise when you want the look of solid wood flooring without the price. Keep clean by sweeping on a daily basis and mopping with a damp mop weekly. 


Vinyl flooring, a synthetic cousin of linoleum, is available in a very wide range of designs including patterned, plain and wood designs and is stain and water resistant.   Underfoot it has a cushioning effect so it is soft and has insulating properties keeping your room cool in summer and warm in winter.  

Vinyl flooring is very easy to keep clean, so it is especially good for a child's bedroom, just sweep or vacuum it and use a damp mop. It is also very cheap compared to most flooring and is a cost-effective option for your bedroom. 


Carpet is a popular choice for a bedroom as it is warm and cosy underfoot, soft and insulating. It is available in many designs and colours, for most price points and is very versatile. 

Carpet is available in synthetic and natural wool, the latter being the most expensive option.  Carpets can stain so look for carpet with a stain guard to protect it  - especially important in a child's bedroom. 

Carpets can hold dirt and dust and this is a consideration if you have those with allergies and asthma in the home when you should probably consider other types of flooring. To clean a carpet, simply vacuum and to treat any stubborn stains, clean with a recommended carpet cleaner. 

Ceramic tile and stone flooring

Ceramic tile or stone flooring looks great but is very cold underfoot, so it not the best option for a bedroom. It also doesn't have the sound insulation you get with other types of flooring so underfoot it can be noisy to others in another room.

The cost is also considerable with this type of flooring so only think about it if it fits in with the style, for example, a Mediterranean villa or Spanish style property.  

So here is a quick guide to choosing your bedroom flooring. Which choice of flooring for your bedroom do you prefer?

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Cleaning tips are only a guide, always check the manufacturer's instructions 


  1. I love white washed wood, I have that on my floor currently and is amazing. I used to have carpet but I hated it. Wood all the way 🙏🏼

  2. We have carpet but I would love real wood floors in our bedroom - looks so stylish! x

  3. I do love having a carpet in my bedroom, but I do feel that laminate flooring would sometimes be easier!

  4. These bedrooms are all goals! Right on my vision board x

  5. Great advice! We are redecorating our bedroom at the minute and are debating wooden floors or carpet. I think wooden floors are way more stylish!

  6. Those are some gorgeous flooring choices. We have carpet in our bedroom and I think getting wooden flooring would be lovely. But I do love the fluffy feeling under my wee toes, haha!

  7. This is such a helpful guide on the different choices for bedroom flooring. I love laminate and solid wood floors. They’re easy to keep clean and look really good for a long time.

  8. I used to be a carpet fitter. This is something I know a lot about. Laminates are good for somethings like bedrooms. I know it can be hard to maintain and keep dust off, however, in some instances carpets are more preferable. I guess that is down to what you feel at the time or your colour scheme. A good underlay (depending on your budget)is also a must as it reduces the wear and tear of your carpet(s).

    Thanks for Sharing.

    John M

  9. We are currently decorating our new home and it was tough deciding whether to have wooden floor or carpet in the bedrooms!

  10. I have a really plush carpet in my bedroom but I would love hardwood floors in there x

  11. I love having carpet in my bedroom. I sit and play with Oscar in there a lot, so it's slightly more comfortable than having wood or laminate down. And my feet don't hit cold ground when I get up in a morning either :)

    Louise x