Design Your Own Personalised Sign With Signomatic

Signomatic is a company that make a range of signs for your home or business. They promise the customer that they can get a wide range of signs without sacrificing simplicity and price and with fast delivery too. So I was offered the challenge of designing and ordering a sign and reporting back to my readers on how easy the process was.

The first thing I had to decide on was the type of sign I wanted. Signomatic have a range of designs and types of sign, so I really had to think hard what I needed. 

Choices ranged from magnetic signs to banners, decals to brass signs and name badges to plastic signs as well as much more.  You can get a house sign, such as the number or name of your home, a parking sign or a CCTV sign. For your business, maybe you want a nameplate, a hotel or restaurant sign or an information sign. So much choice!
So as I work from home, I didn't need a work sign, and I didn't need a functional sign for anything like a door sign. As we are decorating the computer room I decided to make a sign for decorative purposes only, like a wall hanging.

As my husband and I would making Vlogs from our computer room, for our dedicated travel blog and YouTube channel Fly Drive Explore, we wanted a travel theme, so I had a browse through my recent photos. This photo above, from our trip to New York in October for Mr W's 50th birthday, was perfect so I decided to use this. 

So I picked a plastic design with colour printing which seemed the most apt design for what I needed it for. Then I choose the size, the shape and the border - I decided to go for grey. The next step was to add text and upload the image. I found it easier to switch this around and upload an image first then add the text after as this felt a more intuitive way to design it.

Here is the technical bit. Images uploaded can be from a wide range of image formats including jpeg or png, but the company say vectorised pictures are preferable as they can be enlarged and reduced without affecting the quality. For best results use images with CMYK colours. If you are not sure if your image is suitable, I would advise to email them.

I had a jpeg image of a high resolution so I uploaded that, and the quality was fine. Be sure to upload the highest quality image you have to be on the safe side.  It was easy to adjust the size of the image within the design by dragging the edges.

Next, you decide on the fixing method, I went for the hanging method, which has two small holes in the top so you can add hanging wire.

And that was basically it. The price of my sign was just under £40 with delivery and it arrived in just over a week. So before long, I had my new sign in my hand.

I was very pleased with the sign. The colours looked true to the original photo and the quality was excellent. The thickness of the sign was only a few millimetres but it felt really strong.  If I had to do it again I would adjust the text so it was positioned slightly higher up.

So, did Signomatic live up to their promise? Yes, there was a wide range of signs available, yes, the process was simple to order, and yes, the delivery was (reasonably) quick.  All I have to do is now get Mr W to finish decorating our computer room so I can hang it on the wall.

What do you think of the Signomatic service? Would you use a service like this?

*I was gifted a sign for an honest review


  1. It sounds like a really simple process, and your pic looks great!

  2. Ooo, I’m so going to have to this for my bedroom door, or even the house door. This is amazing and looks so easy to construct. Thankyou so much for posting about this 🙏🏼

  3. You made a good choice with your sign, it's such a lovely photo and I'm sure it will look great in your office x

  4. This is such a good idea! And you've done a brilliant job with your own sign <3

    Oliver x

  5. What a lovely idea, would love my own sign.....need to get an office first though