New Year Resolutions For A Stylish 2018

Do you wish you had some more fashion inspiration? Do you look at your wardrobe and think I don't know what to wear? These are my new year resolutions for a stylish 2018 and I hope you take what you want from these and that they inspire you too.

1. Plan outfits in advance for the week

Think about your work situations, meals out with your partner or the girls, or that shopping day in the city and plan your clothes accordingly. If you do this then this will mean you won't be panicking last minute about what to wear or realising your favourite dress is in the wash. It will also, of course, save time when you are getting ready to go out, so try and add this to your routine every week.

2. Keep an eye out for new trends

Keep an eye out for new trends and take the best and go with it. Adding something new to your wardrobe can give it a whole different look. Keep an eye out for new trends from the catwalk and see how it filters down to the high street. Find your favourite trends such as checks, pastels, or Cinderella shoes and add them to your wardrobe to freshen it up.

3. Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone

This may be a step too far but don't be afraid to leve your comfort zone!

Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone in regards to style. OK, maybe you’re not going to wear the most bizarre styles or strange prints but learn to embrace new things with a sense of fun. After all, life is too short not to have fun with fashion!

4. Buy a base of quality items

Buy a base of quality items that will last in classic styles and you will have a great wardrobe base. There is definitely something to be said for buying the best you can afford. Case in point here is that quality leggings can last three times longer than cheaper version and cashmere jumpers are infinitely warmer and cosier than normal woollies. Also, think of modern classics to have in your wardrobe like skinny stretch jeans, a boyfriend shirt in white or a women's duster coat in black or a neutral shade. Look after your clothes too, handwash delicate items and dry clean if you need to and your clothes will last for years.

5. Embrace your shape

Embrace your shape and learn to dress for it. We are all individuals of different sizes and different shapes. Learn what suits you and be kind to yourself. Genetically you may never have the ‘ideal’ body that the media says you should have, which as we all know is a load of rubbish anyway! I’m short and curvy and over my ideal BMI. I’m never going to have a supermodel body and to be honest, I would never want it. Life is too short not to have cake, so embrace your shape.

6. Try a new fashion skill

Whether that is learning the skills to customise your old clothes, learning how to sew a simple top, or learning old-school knitting. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I tried sewing classes a while ago and even though I don't think I'm ever going to make a wardrobe full of clothes tomorrow I learnt how to do simple repairs and make basic tops. Learning a skill like this can be extremely rewarding and give a real sense of achievement as well as potentially saving you money.

So these are my resolutions for a stylish 2018. Let me know what yours are!

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  1. I definitly have changed my style a lot, and this year I want to look more professional, not dress like a kid and not care what I wear. Here’s to looking fab in 2018 lol

    1. That's a good resolution to have, to look more professional.

  2. I really need to take this on board, have been in such a rut with my style lately, and using doing the school run as an excuse to dress casually. Planning in advance is a great idea so I know everything is clean and ironed that I want!

    1. I guess planning like this in advance also makes you think about when you have the time to wash and iron your clothes too.

  3. These are great tips, I don’t think I can plan outfits in advance for a week though or I could but it would be the same every single week. I don’t have that many clothes haha

  4. I have no skills such as sewing or knitting. I remember learning sewing in school but didn't do too well at it

  5. I think not being afraid to leave your comfort zone is a key thing. All to easy to be afraid to try new styles and colours, but I have found that sometimes all you need to do is try it and find something new and exciting.

  6. Totally agree about buying quality items. It may seem like a splurge when you buy it at first, but its so worth the cost per wear! I also think planning outfits in advance is a great tip.

  7. I love this post! I am very choosy about what I wear and when. I plan outfits for a few days ahead, and then on the day, I end up changing my mind again.

  8. I could definitely do with taking some of this advice on board! Trying new styles always seems a bit daunting, but I should be braver and push myself outside of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion x