Luxury Games Rooms That Will Leave You Amazed

For the person who has everything, why not have a games room in your home? Rather than just have an Xbox and a gaming chair, really go to town on the luxury theme, having a snooker table, poker table or arcade games can really appeal to all levels of gamers. There is a wide range of amazing products available that can really add to the room and create a great atmosphere. 

Unwinding from school or work is essential for future performance and productivity. Indulging in games in a luxury environment can be a great stress reliever and help relieve the strains of day to day life.  Also providing a communal space for family members to partake in games and activities will provide the platform for stronger camaraderie and togetherness as well as helping children to learn about rules, taking turns and working together.  Decorate it old school with a modern twist with personalised neon lights to add to the atmosphere. 

For inspiration check out images of games rooms on Houzz, showcasing a selection of dynamic and creative gaming rooms that have strong and appealing designs. Whether you reside in a large bedroomed house or a small studio flat, there are lots of fun and imaginative ways to incorporate gaming devices in a stylish fashion. 

When you are looking at a choice of games as well as incorporating a games console, think about snooker or pool tables, board games, air hockey and more. Add a retro feel with a jukebox, and ensure you have a small fridge or cooler to keep your drinks and snacks fresh.

Space may be at a premium so compromising on your already existing space has now been alleviated by a range of clever luxury convertible snooker tables for sale at Hamilton Billiards. The designs allow people to dine, as well as converting into a pool table at the end of the day. This concept is proving popular and could be the strong and practical focal point for your gaming themed room.

If you’re suddenly feeling flush, then their crowning glory is the full-sized iron turned leg table by Harris, currently priced at £35,000. The Victorian design is extremely rare and boasts 24-carat gold figuring embellishments as well as dynamic mahogany cushions. 

To make your new gaming room really stand out you need to ensure you are using products that are both reliable and of a quality design. There is a wide range of accessories at Ironmongery Experts for adding that quality finishing touch to your games room.

If you want to check out more posts on how to create a sophisticated and stylish games room, this post on 
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Having a games room in your home can really benefit the whole family and can strengthen bonds as well as being great for escapism and stress relief. Why not invest some time and money in a games room and reap the rewards in 2018.

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  1. If only we had room for a games room. I think a games room would fantastic for a family for bonding, rather than TV bonding.

  2. Oh wow, how amazing woudl i be to have a full size games room? My kids would love that, I bet we'd have an air hockey table, pinball machines and a juke box . Mich x

  3. I would love a games room. This would be my eldest son and my husbands idea of heaven. Don't think I would ever get them out

  4. Ha ha. If only. I think I'd leave out the electrical games for bonding but the rest would be awesome

  5. Wow! Those are some amazing game rooms! My kids would loooove one but I think an office for me would come first!

  6. Such an amazing game room and tips. Such a great idea to have a gaming/bonding room!

  7. Oh gosh, my teens would just love a games room, what awesome ideas these are. Kaz

  8. Those are beautiful rooms and Mat would love one. Mind you with Caitlin and Ieuan at the moment our whole blummin' house is a games room!

  9. Bloody hell that white snooker table looks like something from out of space! Think I prefer the traditional one myself but I'd love a games room in my house someday!