Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Great British Breakfast

Here in the UK, we enjoy a variety of things for breakfast. Whether it is a hot or cold meal, eaten from the comfort of your own home, picked up to eat on the way to work or sitting in a local cafe, there is a lot choice and some great food to be eaten. But which do we enjoy the most? Let’s take a look, shall we?


Breakfast cereal is so popular that entire supermarket aisles are dedicated to it. From big name brands to smaller supermarket own produced products, nobody can deny the popularity and obsession the UK has with breakfast cereal. There are constantly TV adverts showing us the same cereal we’ve been eating for the past 10 years and yet the companies are constantly trying to reinvent themselves. We are a proud nation who will carry out bowls, spoons and pints of milk to our graves.


As a counterbalance to the more common and general breakfast cereal, muesli has seen a steady growth of popularity. Promoted as having less sugar and generally being better for you, it appeals more to adults than children, so no free toys here. It is a grown up continuation of our country's love for pouring milk on things in the morning. It has established itself on cereal aisles across the country and thus deserves its own part of this list.


Few words are more synonymous with breakfast as bacon is. Whether you have it with a full cooked meal or just in a sandwich on the go, bacon part of a highly sought after breakfast meal. We know it isn’t good for us... well on a daily basis but we love it all the same. There are alternatives as this article on the Deliveroo blog suggests. So next time you find yourself pining for a bacon sandwich check out some of the other options first.


For many croissants, danish pastries and pain au chocolat are the perfect breakfast. You can add jam, butter or even honey and that only adds to the desire we as a nation have for these baked goods. Many supermarkets, corner shops and bakeries dedicate themselves to producing quality pastries. Often considered as a continental breakfast they are still enjoyed from homes to hotels up and down the UK.

Let me know your favourite breakfast. Do you have a different breakfast on the weekend to the weekday?

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  1. Cereal is my go to but I eat such massive bowls of it that it's not that good for my waistline, I'm currently trying to eat things which are more filling.
    That said, you can't beat a good bacon butty!

  2. I have 3 breakfasts I eat on a loop, Museli; for healthy fats and carbs. Smoothies for sugar and vitamins and waffles for protein and carbs. I have certain days I eat them on and when I feel like being naughty I have a huge bowl of cheerios with bananas and mixed fruit too! XD

    1. I love that your naughty day is a huge bowl of cheerios, mine is a fried breakfast lol

  3. I'm so bad when it comes to breakfast, often skipping it altogether.

    1. I used to when I was younger but find I work better when I have breakfast.

  4. My favourite is cereal, I could snack on that stuff all day long! I like a full english on the odd weekend too. However I do have the Slimming World version, so not as fatty as the traditional fry up! :)

  5. I tend to go with yogurt and fresh fruit or a green smoothie for breakfast. I would love to eat cereal but I try to stay away from that.

  6. I usually have a yoghurt if I remember, normally I am running out of the door trying to get the kids to school on time!

  7. I love eggs for breakfast, any way really they are just so easy and taste great with little effort


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