How to Measure Your Ring Size

So, you've seen that beautiful ring in store or online and want it badly. Maybe it's a cocktail ring for that chic party, a silver ring for everyday wear or a beautiful precious engagement or wedding ring. Perhaps you just love rings and want to add to your gold or silver jewellery collection. The important thing is, you need your ring size.

Now you can measure your ring size at home but it's always best to get it double checked at a reputable jeweller as your ring size can vary due to a number of factors. 

Here are some things to take into consideration when measuring your ring size. 

Measuring your ring size at home

Many people will try the method of cutting a thin strip of paper, wrapping the paper around the finger, making a mark and then measuring with a ruler. This way you can find out your size in millimetres then convert into the more recognisable size using a guide. This way supplies you with a good starting point, however, consideration should be given to the design of the piece.

The size of the band

The size of the band or the shank width can make a difference to the size of the ring. Wide bands will grip your finger more and make it feel tighter. A jeweller will have different width ring gauges so you need to tell them what width of ring you are looking to be measured for. The greater the width of the ring, the bigger size you will generally need.

The temperature of your fingers

In the morning your fingers are general cooler and warm up during the day. This affects the size of your fingers as they will swell slightly. 
Also if you exercise, your fingers can also swell. It is always best, therefore, to get your ring size measured later in the day and after your body has cooled down from any exercise.  This can be the difference of a half to one whole size. Bare in mind you don't want your rings to be too tight in the summer months too.

Large cocktail rings

If you have a ring that is heavy on top you may want to go for a snugger fit, as this can minimise and reduce spinning. A well-fitted ring sits neatly, doesn't move around too much but still has 'wiggle' movement to remove over the knuckle if needed.

An existing ring

If you have a well-loved ring that you know already fits and is of a similar design and width you can also have this measured on a jewellery ‘ring stick’ otherwise know as a mandrel sizing tool. This is a great way to get an accurate reading and is a brilliant way to surprise a loved one as well!

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So these are things you need to think about when you need to measure your ring size, I hope you have found this article useful.

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  1. My ring is really hard to get off when I get too hot, I have to run my hand under the cold tap!

    1. Yes, that is a good way of reducing the puffiness. Also using handwash on your ring fingers can help slide it off.

  2. It all makes sense now why sometimes I can put the ring on easily at one time and struggle to take it off another time

  3. really useful to know, thank you. i have a ring guage thing but never seem to get it right still.

  4. Well I never learn something new every day. I haven't worn my ring in a few years - I need to shred the pounds so I can get it on my finger comfortably!

    1. You can always have a ring altered if it is really tight.

  5. very good tips here, I have always struggled with my rings being too tight or too loose all in one day due to my fingers swelling!