10 Habits Of Women That Have Enviable Skin

Let’s face it, a major beauty concern that many of us have is how to get flawless skin. I know acne was an issue of mine when I was younger, then fine lines and wrinkles appeared in my 30's and now that I am older my skin is dryer but I still get hormonal spots. But there are some things we can all do to make our skin it's best. 

This article will provide a number of beauty tips to enhance your skin to perfection.

1. Not sleeping on the job

The worst thing you can do to your skin is sleep with your makeup on. As Janet Pardo, Vice President of Clinique, claims “Your skin is your biggest organ, and it must be tended to”, thus leaving it on overnight will not only irritate your skin but also increase the chance of your pores becoming blocked. So avoid this at all costs.

2. Having healthy food hacks

A healthy body is a happy body so keep your skin at its peak by consuming a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. If you are finding it hard to get the 5 portions of fruit and veg into your diet try some healthy smoothies for a quick nutritious drink.

3. Hydrating internally

We all know you need to drink lots of water during the day, but remember that this is not only for your internal health but for your skin to remain fresh and healthy. Drinking water rejuvenates your energy supplies and also helps your skin flush out any unwanted toxins.

4. Hydrating externally

A moisturiser is your best friend. Although it will take a little experimenting to find the perfect brand, ask your friends for recommendations and research online to locate a suitable product for your skin.

5. Multi-masking

Different parts of the face require different creams and treatments. Some parts may be dry and need to be moisturised, other parts may be greasy and need a clay mask to soothe it. Multi-masking takes different skin treatments to create the perfect mask.

6. Cleansing gently

If you have problem skin which is blackhead prone or spotty don't fall into the trap of washing your skin too often. This can cause your skin to be irritated and may exacerbate the condition and cause a skin imbalance.

7. Avoiding harsh toners

Some toners can contain alcohol, witch hazel or other products that can irritate your skin rather than rejuvenate it. If you know that your skin is easily affected by irritation, it is better to avoid them altogether.

8. Using fragrance-free soap

When it comes to fragranced soaps, there is always a possibility that they can irritate your skin, leaving it blotchy, red and sore. Be sure to invest in a fragrance-free soap for less chance of skin irritation or go for a cleanser that is soap free.

9. Experimenting with new products

Be prepared to invest in some new skin care products, such as toners, cleansers and sunscreen and have fun spending an evening testing them out. You never know you may find that wonder cure for your dry skin, fine lines or spots.

10. Going crazy for fruit hacks

You may get a free day where you want to do nothing more than try some sort of homemade face pack. Whether this is covering your face in grapes, fresh milk, salt and lime juice or ghee and glycerine, always proceed with a trial run before tampering with any sensitive or easily irritated skin. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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  1. I have recently started taking better care of my skin. Drinking more water has truly helped clear my skin and also wiping my make up off before going to bed! I've already noticed a difference, its amazing! Great post. xx

  2. Great tips for looking after your skin. Making sure you wear a UVA/UVB protector is important too :)

  3. Useful tips, especially agree withe the hydration. I see a huge difference in how youthful my skin looks when I drink lots.

  4. Drinking more water is so important, especially in this weather.

  5. I take for granted what the TV experts say. Fresh meal every night, though I agree with plenty of water though.

  6. I love trying & experimenting with new brands/products, it's a shame that sometimes it's not easy to get samples for all the products you'd like to try. It's expensive & disappointing when you buy a full size product that doesn't suit your skin or doesn't meet your expectations