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How To Choose Flooring For Your Home

When you are looking for flooring for your home there are so many options out there it can be confusing. This post will take you through some of the main options and look at the pros and cons of the different type of flooring materials out there. 

Firstly before you start you need to think about the look you want to achieve, the type of room it is, and how much footfall the area gets. This can all impact of the material chosen for a room. Your budget and the size of the area needed to be covered are also a major consideration. Then you can compare different materials.


Hardwood flooring is very durable and warm underfoot and is the perfect choice for a traditional and classic look. It is particularly good for high-traffic areas such as hallways. Oak and cherry wood are a popular choice and more exotic woods are now coming into vogue too.

Hardwood flooring is however expensive and not ideal for bathrooms and kitchens due to the moistness in the air which can affect it. 


Laminate flooring is flooring that is simulated to look like another material.  It is a popular choice as it is cost effective and easy to install yourself especially when it comes in planks which you slot together.

The beauty of laminate is that it can be made to look like wood and stone as well as other types of materials. If you want a metal or leather looking floor then why not? 


Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular choices due to its cost effectiveness and ease of installation.

If you want wood in your bathroom or kitchen then consider wood effect vinyl flooring as it is durable and the moisture doesn't affect it unlike hardwood flooring.  It is also easier to keep clean and softer underfoot than some other options like concrete and stone. 


Concrete flooring if the ultimate durable flooring option for a home. It is particularly suitable for garages and workhouses as it's very low maintenance and difficult to damage. A concrete floor can last a hundred years or more if it is looked after and maintained.

It is, however, cold underfoot, not easy to install and messy to put down. You would need a workman with experience to fit a concrete floor.


Carpet is a popular choice as it is warm underfoot, provides cushioning and helps muffle noise. It also has the benefit of helping to save energy through insulation. Carpets can also be fitted with relatively little experience if you are trying to keep costs low.

Carpets can be more difficult to keep clean than other types of flooring, especially light coloured carpets and those with a long pile. If you buy a carpet with a stain guard in this will help with upkeep and maintenance.


Rather than being one type of material, tiles can be made of a number of different materials including porcelain, ceramic and stone. Tiles can also be made of cork, vinyl, lino and carpet. Mosaic tiles can also add a design feature to a room.

The pros and cons of tiles depend on the type of material used. Porcelain tiles are impervious to water and this means they make a great option for kitchen and bathrooms. Ceramic tiles are very hard, easy to maintain but are cold underfoot. Stone tiles are hard wearing and hygienic but expensive to buy. Tiles are generally easy to fit and slot into place without much difficulty. This means that if you need to replace a tile it can be done quite easily. 

Tell me which type of flooring do you like? Which do you use in your home?

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  1. Great post! I have wooden flooring in my lounge and kitchen but definitely prefer carpets in the bedrooms keeps it warmer!

    1. Carpets are great for the bedroom but wooden flooring or vinyl flooring is much easier to keep clean in my experience. I guess most people have a mix in their homes these days.

  2. Interesting read. I love wooden and stone floors they look so pretty but stone can be cold so we only have that in the kitchen with underfloor heating.

  3. Great post.. we have laminate flooring and some hardwood in our house.. I really love the dark hardwood. I can't stand carpet.. it's horrible for my allergies.

    1. Carpet can trap dust and dirt more so I can see how it can be awful for you if you have allergies.

  4. I've always loved wood flooring but we rent our house at the moment so I don't want to spend to much money on things like this! Carpet I'm not a huge fan of, it just looks dirty so quickly!

  5. I recently installed laminate, I have actually wooden floorboard underneath, but they have gaps, and didnt want anuything squeexing through. Plus laminate is great for busy households, I have a young daughter so lots of spillage.

    1. Laminate is great if you have young children or pets as it is so easy to keep clean.

  6. I love wood flooring, it can really finish off a room xo

  7. Very good tips. I like hardware floors made of natural materials.

  8. I only do wood flooring in our home: so much easier, longer wearing, cleaner etc. then carpet. Great blog post and ideas

  9. We have hardwood flooring and I love it as it's never cold when I walk on it bare foot. I can't imagine having anything else now!

  10. I have hardwood in the rooms downstairs and carpets upstairs, just love a carpet under foot when you get out of bed.


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