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5 Of The Most Romantic London Restaurants

Paris might be considered the city of romance, but London is the undisputed winner when it comes to hip bars and restaurants. From SOHO to Shoreditch and even less popular boroughs such as Southwark and Lambeth have a lot to offer when it comes to dining, pubs and restaurants. And what is more romantic than a cosy dinner with your date or an anniversary visit to a fancy restaurant with your partner? Right… not that much! Here are 5 of the most romantic restaurants in London for you and your partner to discover.

Old Bank Of England 

Fleet Street’s demon barber might be a thing of the past, but great pies can still be found when visiting the Old Bank Of England. The pub and restaurant lie between the site of Sweeney Todd’s barber shop and Mrs Lovett’s pie shop. As well as being a historic place ( the Crown Jewels were stored in the cellars of the building during World War II ), it also has an incredible menu filled with perfectly executed pub food and a list of great ales to choose from.

If you looking for something lively with a great décor for your first date then this one might be your perfect fit.

Berners Tavern

The name might not give it away but this establishment is actually very upscale. With a menu from chef Jason Atherton featuring everything from lobster to aged Scottish beef burger, you know this joint will not be the cheapest out there… but you can bet that it is one of the most beautiful!

It's a perfect mix between old and new and with a modern design and eclectic paintings on the wall, Berners Tavern is an absolute treat to the eye. One of the best restaurants to celebrate an anniversary.

Clos Maggiore 

Clos Maggiore ranks high up there for restaurants with a unique décor. The flowers and branches that weave an intricate tapestry above the diner’s head and the country-style decorations will transport you to a small and cosy Tuscan village. The menu is interspersed with some great Italian ingredients and their other ingredients are all handpicked and UK sourced too. Planning a proposal? This might be the perfect place to do it.

Savoy Grill 

The Savoy Grill is an exceptionally good restaurant. It is fine dining by the hand of the master himself - Gordon Ramsay. Yes, I know, it is quite pricey but it pays to keep an eye on discount websites like Groupon and bookatable for the best deals. The interior is very formal and I absolutely love how they do it French style, by having a daily roast that, when you decide to order it, is rolled out to your table and freshly cut for your pleasure. The restaurant has a very cosy feel to with enough privacy for each table. Big talks and great anniversaries are a good fit for this one.

Bob Bob Ricard

I absolutely love this restaurant, do you know why? At every table, it has "press for Champagne", how decadent it that! I always feel like a 1930’s American mobster when walking into this place. This is very much a spend and splurge restaurant but when living in London, I am of the strong opinion you have to have been here at least once in your life. The food is absolutely fantastic, finger licking good and I always look forward to ordering desert since their chocolate sauces are divine. This restaurant is perfect when you’ve recently bought a diamond ring and need to ask your partner something…

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  1. The old bank of England looks like the sort of place my wife and I would love.

  2. I haven't eaten in any of these but they all sound amazing place. I love the look of Clos Maggiore, that ceiling is stunning!

  3. Clos Maggiore is somewhere I would love to go, it looks just stunning x

  4. I love The Savoy Grill, it's one of our favourite London restaurants if we fancy a treat x

  5. I love eating out but the only one I've been to so far out of these is The Bank of England.

  6. some lovely looking places there. I love London x

  7. Love this post! I absolutely love the look of Clos Maggiore, really beautiful and definitely different! But the Press For Champagne button sounds amazing at Bob Bob Ricard too!

  8. Never tried any of these
    Definitely time to indulge

  9. wow, just from the photo, I'd love to visit Clos Maggiore, so romantic and relaxing!

    1. I love the branches and flowers, it does look exceptionally romantic.

  10. Clos Maggiore does not look like something you would find it London. It's absolutely gorgeous!

  11. We would love to visit these places especially Clos Maggiore :D

  12. I want to visit all of these.. Saving up now

  13. These look fabulous! Im especially in love with the Clos Maggiore

  14. These look amazing, I need to visit London again soon! xo

  15. The Clos Maggiore restaurant looks so unique, it's stunning!

  16. Press for Champagne, I love it. This looks absolutely amazing. Maybe one day we will make it there


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