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10 Top Tips To Stay Safe On Holiday

As someone who travels a lot, I know how important preparation is and planning is to ensure your safety on holiday. You have to make sure that you have travel insurance, that you research your destination, make a list and check it twice, just like Santa does!

Leading Injury Lawyers, Michael Jefferies Solicitors have conducted a survey to find out just how safety aware us Brits are when we leave the country and the results are in!

Survey Stats:
  • 38% of people are more care-free about their safety when on holiday
  • Over 40% of people have travelled abroad without holiday insurance in the past
  • 20% of people have suffered an incident (accident, sickness or illness) whilst on holiday
  • Over 50% of people wouldn’t know how to make a claim following an incident on holiday that wasn’t their fault
  • 80% of people surveyed haven’t bothered to make a claim following an incident on holiday

Scary isn't it?

With this is mind here are my ten top tips to stay safe on holiday.


1. Make a travel checklist. This is essential if you don't want to forget anything. Ensure it covers any visas/injections or essential medication you need for foreign countries. Research your destination, including crime levels and areas to avoid.

2. Buy travel insurance with the correct cover. This is so important in this day and age. If you are travelling to the USA, the medical cover will need to be higher than in Europe, so make sure your cover matches your location and your activities. If you are skiing, doing water sports or extreme sports check you are covered. Annual travel insurance is the best idea if you travel a lot.

3. Pack a first aid kit. You can buy one with everything you need in it from most pharmacies but if you want to make one yourself check out this post by the NHS on what to have in a simple first aid kit.

4. Make your house looked lived in. Put your lights on a timer, or get a neighbour to check on the property. Get your post redirected or ensure someone picks it up if you can. A lived in home is less likely to be burgled. 

5. Don't state exact date of your departure on social media!

On holiday

6. Don't advertise your whereabouts on social media! I know a lot of us do it, but it's worth uploading to Instagram, Facebook and other social sites AFTER the holiday not during.

7. Keep your money and valuables in a hotel safe and only keep what you need on you for that day when you are out and about. In fact, don't take your valuables on holiday if you can help it. Your insurance may only cover individual items up to a certain amount so check the details and keep the expensive jewellery at home.

8. Be wary of unsafe locations and pickpockets, ask the concierge or hotel staff if you are not sure, or Google it.

9. If unsure about the water use bottled water and only eat food that is freshly cooked. Salads should be avoided in these circumstances as salad leaves could be washed in tap water.

10. Make sure you have your travel insurance details at hand if you have to claim. It's important to know if something happens, what circumstances you can claim for, and the process of actually making a claim. If you are robbed you usually have to report this to the police as soon as possible. 

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Have you had a robbery or a hazard on holiday that wasn’t your fault? Or maybe you’ve got your travel preparation down to a fine art? Follow the campaign on social with Jefferies Solicitors and the hashtag #HolidayHazards.  

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  1. Some great tips - I think we tend to massively let our guard down on holiday as we're always so relaxed so these are a great reminder about how we can stay safe!

  2. Great crime prevention advice and we would certainly recommend getting travel insurance. From past experience its really helped my family x

  3. Great tips i think we need to be made more aware on holiday. I find that sharing our holidays on social media tends to be the done thing I must admit I did when I was on holiday last year.

    1. Lots of us do it, adjusting your settings to close friends and family can help minimise risk.

  4. Great tips - I never post to Social Media until a while after we come home just in case! x

  5. The uploading to social media is so important in my eyes - though I did update while I was away early in the year I didn't say when I was going or coming home and tried to keep details to a minimum. Safety is key :)

  6. What a fabulous checklist. Well done, everything is covered there. I'm dreadful at sorting stuff out though. I'm always too concentrated on the holiday itself.

  7. Great list plus I totally agree with the social media thing. So many people advertise that they are away and share where they are making it twice as unsafe.

    1. Specifics should never be given out on social media and I often post when I come back to be extra safe.

  8. I am always more wary when abroad and am lucky that we have been safe (so far)

  9. Great tips! It's so important to stay safe on holiday, the social media one always worries me as, as a blogger, I do post photos which show I am away on holiday!

    1. You could always post when you come back, unless a tourist board specifically asks for it.

  10. A friend of ours has just been burgled while away on an Easter holiday. Despicable people just trashed the place and barely took anything. Disgusting.

  11. I'm not a traveller but these tips are so handy as I never leave the country, as if I was to I would SO need these tips! x

  12. I never use to worry about my safety on holiday, but since becoming a Dad, safety is now my number 1 concern, above my own fun! :)

    1. When you become a parent, safety seems even more important doesn't it? It's not just us it's others we have to look after too.


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