Booking That Perfect Christmas Party Venue

Christmas parties are so much fun but often there is a lot riding on picking that perfect venue. Here are some things to consider when booking that perfect Christmas party venue.

What type of party will it be

Before you plan the perfect party, you need to speak to management if you are organising a party for a business or the others involved if it's a party for your social circle, so you can find out the type of party they want.

Will it be a formal party, will it be casual, will it involve partners, will it be held in the day or in the evening? These are just some of the things to consider.

Find out the budget

How much budget you have can impact greatly on the event. Does the budget include food and drink? Will entertainment be expected? Will the rooms be decorated or will the organiser be expected to do this?

Fix the perfect date

If this is fixed by management then you may not have much room for manoeuvre but if not consider asking colleagues or friends for their preferred option. A vote may be a good idea. It's always best to have a backup date in mind in case your perfect venue is booked up too. 

If possible, book as far ahead as possible, this can also secure the best price. If you are looking for a venue last minute prices may rise.

Check out the venues

Make a list of suitable venues from brochures and websites and then check them out in person. If possible bring someone else with you to help you decide.

If it is a large party there may be room for negotiation on price, or they may offer the free place to the organiser.

Be sure to ask questions if you are unsure of anything and always ask for a quote in writing.


If you are having food, it's a good idea to eat at the venue to check out the quality of the catering. Also If you are large group and will be spending a lot of money at the venue, ask for a sample menu tasting. Food is a very important part of most Christmas parties so I would highly recommend doing this.  

Ensure you know of any special dietary needs before you go to the venue and ask what can be provided for those people.


Will there be a basic drinks package, a free bar or only tea, coffee and soft drinks provided? This will depend so much on budget and the facilities available at the venue.

Ensure there are plenty of soft drinks for drivers and if it is held in a hotel you may be able to secure a good rate on rooms so people can have a drink without driving.


Consider organising a mini bus or encourage car sharing to the venue. 

Provide details of accommodation nearby for those who want to stay over and local taxi numbers for those that want a taxi back from the event.


Think about appropriate entertainment for the event. Do you want a singer or a band, magician, comedian, after dinner speaker?

Check if you need to book entertainment, if this is provided or if the venue can recommend an entertainer.

Once You Have Booked

So you have done all the hard planning, now send out the official invite. Be sure to include important information such as When, Where, Time, Cost and so on.  

If it's a large event, organise table plans. Collect any money owed and pay the venue. Now sit down, relax and enjoy the party!

To source the best Christmas party venues consider a comparison site such as They have access to over 15,000 venues from Aberdeen to even Zurich. You can search by a wide range of options such as location, price, venue facilities and more. 

Venuefinder also offer a free venue finding service if you know where you want to go but can't find that perfect setting. With a quick phone call, or completing a form online they can do all the hard work for you. Perfect to take some of the stress out of the organising. How amazing is that!? Staff are professional at all times too. So if you need someone to help with the organising this service is well worth considering.

Have you ever planned an event?

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  1. Having just done this for the staff at work, it can be quite stressful if you dont plan in advance x

  2. Thankfully I've never had to do this but I can imagine it's really stressful if you're not organised.

    1. Using a comparison site like Venuefinder can help with the stress.

  3. This is a good list and full of great advice too, planning the xmas party that's right for everyone is such a stress I avoid it every year lol!

    Mel ★

  4. I love event planning and this post is full of such fab ideas and tips!


  5. some really great tips here. I think the most important is having the party on a day when is best for most of the people

  6. All fab tips and ones that can be used for all party planning not just Xmas ones x