31 Dover For All Your Christmas Drinks

At Christmas there are so many things to buy, presents for the children, something for your parents, a treat for the husband, and that is before all the food and drink for entertaining. I'm all for making things easy for myself at this time of year. I have even been known to buy my gravy ready made (shhh don't tell a soul) and buy my Christmas spirits online too.  

My mum likes a Baileys cream liqueur, whilst my mother-in-law loves a good gin and tonic, my father likes a beer and the husband likes his wine. So with this all to buy, a trip to an online drinks merchant like 31Dover.com really helps so I don't have to carry those heavy bottles home.

Now I like a little bit of bubbly sometimes so my perfect gift from 31 Dover would be a lovely bottle of Champagne or Prosecco. 

The Moet and Chandon 'So Bubbly' gift pack would make a great present for someone at any time but especially at Christmas. Apparently, Moet and Chandon is the best-selling non-vintage Champagne on the market and the handy cooler bag can be reused and even doubles up as a portable ice bucket - now that's genius! 

With citrus flavours and a hint of sweetness and flavours of walnuts, this champers is easy to appreciate.

If you like more of a Champagne cocktail, then there is an easy way to create your Kir Royal at home now too. Kapsi by Gabriel Boudier are little bottles of cassis - the blackcurrant liqueur used to create a Kir Royal. All you have to do is empty one into a glass flute, then top up with 7 parts of sparkling wine or Champagne for the authentic experience. 

31Dover.com sell a wide range of alcohol including champagne, wine, spirits, craft beers, cider, and liqueurs and was named the Best Online Drinks Retailer by the industry's Drinks Business Awards so you know it's a name you can trust.

It's super easy to order, and delivery times are clearly marked on their website as well, at this time of year 1-3 days are typical. If you want to order a gift you can add a free gift message to your delivery to personalise your order and the recipient won't see any invoice details either. 

They have a range of gifts on their website too and I particularly enjoyed the 'Party Starter' gift set which includes a trio of Jack Daniel's whisky, Russian Standard Vodka and Jose Cuervo tequila.

Enjoy A Kir Royal at your Christmas parties

Would you buy your drinks online at Christmas? Have you tried a Kir Royal?


  1. I'd definitely order our drinks online - this website looks like it's made super easy!

  2. I am seriously considering buying my drinks online having read this - great selection and very tempting indeed!

  3. What a good idea. I was going to the supermarket this weekend to get our Christmas booze in but I;m going to check out this site.

  4. Yes I buy drinks online a lot. I love my Baileys too.

  5. I would buy drinks online - I haven't in the past but it seems like a great idea, saves carrying them from the supermarket!


  6. I've never thought about buying drinks online but it seems like a great idea!

    1. It's so easy and you don't have to struggle getting the kids to the supermarket and carry all the bags home too.

  7. I don't drink, but do buy for those who do. This is a great idea x