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Unusual Ways in Which Jewellery is Said to Help and Heal Us

Many believe that wearing jewellery with your everyday outfit or to add that extra bit of glamour to your party frock, can not only make you feel stylish and confident, but it can offer health and healing properties too.

Without knowing it, your jewellery could actually be benefiting you in more ways than simply adding sparkle and style to your outfits! In this article, you can discover the unusual ways in which you could be helped and healed, courtesy of sterling silver jewellery providers, Silver Sale.


Opals are said to build confidence
There is a multitude of different gemstones available, each with its own appeal based on their colours, the cut and how they are set in different jewellery designs.

Different gemstones are said to have certain properties and health benefits both physically and mentally, so it’s worthwhile looking into them to see which best meet your needs before you buy

For example, if you’re looking for something to build confidence, opals are said to be your best bet, whereas if you’re looking for calm, serenity and relaxation, rose quartz can help. Amber is supposed to help your body physically and is particularly beneficial to the nervous system, citrine is well-known to help success and prosperity and is perfect for helping students with their revision.
Sterling Silver

It isn’t just gems that supposedly help us in many ways, but sterling silver too. Some people believe that sterling silver helps to improve the healing properties of the above when joined together in a stunning piece of jewellery.

Not only that, but sterling silver is said to have helpful characteristics of its own as well. The physical benefits of sterling silver are said to include the support of healing skin, preventing arthritis and reducing any muscle aches. In terms of emotional wellbeing, sterling silver is said to help improve perseverance and patience, as well as creating a soothing and cleansing effect.

Gold Jewellery

Ancient beliefs about the benefits of wearing gold jewellery are still held by many people today. Gold jewellery is said to create vibrations against the skin when worn, which in turn can help to heal wounds quicker than they would on their own.

Gold is also believed to be particularly useful against infections or tender areas of the skin.

Other Metals Used in Jewellery

Titanium is said to help with pain relief

You often find a variety of different metals used to create jewellery, of which gold and silver are the most common. Other metals, such as copper and titanium, are sometimes used and favoured by jewellery lovers, not just for their appearance but for their health benefits too.

Copper, a vital mineral for the body, can be used in jewellery and worn to boost circulation in the body as well as improve the pains that come from having arthritis. Copper jewellery reacts with the skin and its oils, for its healing properties to be absorbed.

Titanium jewellery on the other hand - no pun intended - can help to reduce pain in areas of the body that the jewellery sits on. So if you suffer from neck pain, you could benefit from a titanium necklace.

These are just a few of the health benefits that many people believe come from wearing jewellery. Whether or not it’s something you believe to be true, we can all agree on the fact that wearing our favourite pieces jewellery can make us feel fabulous!

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  1. Oh I never knew about the health benefits side, I don't wear jewellery often but I do find it makes me feel better when I wear it going out not just to finish and outfit I find it picks my mood up as well, going to look into this further though and maybe at some everyday jewellery thank you x

    1. I like to add it to finish off an outfit too, especially in the evening and I always wear earrings, day and night.

  2. I've heard about gems, but didn't know gold and silver had some effects too. Don't really wear much jewellery though, I do like them ;)

  3. Love love love opals! <3

  4. I love hearing about healing powers and other properties. So interesting!

  5. I love that ring, and the necklaces are so pretty too! I didn't know opal was supposed to be good for confidence, I might have to splurge on some. :)

  6. I love opal though don't actually own any! Didn't know about the health benefits though!

  7. I never wear jewellery, I do love it though and have a few nice pieces. I would never have thought about benefits they could bring x

  8. This is a very informative post. I didn't know any of this until now. Will be wearing Opal pieces for confidence now.

  9. I always wear a necklace and a bracelet, both in silver, so maybe that's helping my skin to heal :) it's really interesting to know these things x

  10. I love opals......I was always taught to believe they were bad luck but I think I will have to get one

  11. I must admit I was one of those people who wore jewelry to make or complete an outfit and didnt know nothing else. Great post

    1. It is interesting finding out about the properties of jewellery, isn't it?

  12. I had no idea jewellery could have health benefits but it is certanly true that wearing lovely jewellery makes us feel good!

  13. I love jewellery but I never knew about the health benefits, now I have one more reason to get jewellery. x


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