Mirai Face Brush And Cleanser Review

As I get older I take better care of my skin, I mean you have to don't you? Unfortunately as well as fine lines I still get spots, so when I was offered the chance to review the Mirai facial skin brush and cleanser I couldn't wait. 

The Mirai face brush is a facial skin tool that gives your face a deep clean. It is made by True Company, a worldwide skincare company, that have produced innovative products for the last thirty years. They say it stimulates the skin gently and gives a smoother appearance and more vibrant look. It also apparently reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Anecdotal evidence suggests regular use of cleansing brushes can help clear congested skin, improve circulation and prevent blockages and breakouts, so there is hope for me after all!

What is great about this facial cleansing brush is that although it's gentle it exfoliates the skin so you don't need to use an exfoliating agent, just your favourite cleanser.

Features include

  • Superior Deep Cleansing experience 
  • Silicone bristles compatible for all skin types
  • Unclogs pores, removes oil, and makeup
  • Makes skin feel more elastic and healthy
  • Uses the safest silicone that is compliant with all worldwide regulations
  • Rechargeable features. Just charge and go
  • 5 Year Warranty 

With the face brush, you can adjust the intensity of the vibrations, as there are 14 settings. I think this is an excellent idea, I know sometimes in the Winter my skin feels more sensitive due to the cold and wind and it's good to know you can choose a very gentle setting or one that is more stimulating when you need that too.

To use you wet the skin, and apply a good quality cleanser that you mix with water, I used the Mirai cleanser for the purpose of this review, then you move the vibrating brush over your skin in a circular motion, covering all of your face and neck. On the facial brush, there are different areas for different purposes. The wide bristle beads are for general cleansing, the narrow bristle beads are for more stubborn areas (by the side of the nose for example). I like the way the brush is angled so it can get into the corners by your nose and the silicon is super soft too.

The brush is simple to clean with soapy water, then rinse and dry with a clean cloth. It comes with a USB charger and a complete charge from flat takes up to an hour.

The Mirai cleanser feels creamy on the skin and didn't feel like it dried my skin out. Only time will truly tell if the Mirai face brush will help improve my skin, making it blemish free and generally brighten my complexion.

If you want to try it out yourself I am giving a Mirai face brush and cleanser away on my blog, so don't forget to enter, and good luck!

Tell me what do you think of the Mirai face brush? Would you use a facial brush like this to improve your skin and remove makeup?


  1. what a beautiful packaging- - love the colours. Definitely will enter the competition as the price is a little out of budget range. R

  2. This looks fantastic! I often suffer from the odd breakout and I know I should take better care of my skin than I do, I may have to give this a try! :)

  3. I've seen loads of skin cleansers like this and they look really great x

  4. I keep seeing this brush everywhere! It's good to see how it works.

  5. I'm 28 this year and am starting to regret all the years of neglect to my skin.

  6. Ohh this looks like a good cleanser - I love the sound of the brush sounds like it is really good for your skin. x

  7. With all those features, this gadget could save an awful lot of time in the mornings!

  8. The packaging is really beautiful - sounds like a great product!

  9. Oooh it looks lovely - I have never tried a facial brush, I do need a skin care routine as I am getting older! Kaz x

  10. This sounds awesome. My skin always get dry in the winter so I think something like this could really help.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  11. I am awful with my skincare regime, this looks fab. #triedtested x

  12. I have always wanted a face brush and Mirai's brush and cleanser looks amazing!