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How Dental Implants Could Change Your Life

Tooth loss can occur from a number of different incidents, such as age, accidents or decay. No matter how you lose a tooth it can have a great impact on self-esteem and confidence, especially among adults. 

As well as affecting the appearance of your teeth and smile, losing teeth can also affect how you eat and chew. If you have quite a few missing teeth, it’s increasingly important to replace them as soon as possible, not doing this will cause a lot of strain on the healthy teeth you do have. 

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Dental implants are the perfect treatment to replace any loss of teeth, and can provide a healthy and natural looking smile. Don’t let missing teeth affect your smile or confidence. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider dental implants. 

1. New smile = new confidence 

Don’t let one or two gaps in your smile bring you down. Investing in implants whether you need one or several, will have such a dramatic impact on your smile and will have a great effect on your confidence too. 

Think of the upcoming plans you have, whether it a family party, or say a Christmas get together, imagine what that added sense of self-esteem will do to your whole appearance. Trust me when I say this treatment can be life changing. Ollie & Darsh the experts know all about that.

2. For improved oral hygiene 

Making the decision to have dental implants can be for a number of reasons. Among those reasons is to restore oral hygiene, if teeth have rotted or decayed general oral hygiene will be poor. Implementing implants means your mouth and smile will immediately benefit from improved hygiene. 

What’s really important to remember is to keep them clean so that they stay fresh and clean for years to come.  This can be achieved simply by adding flossing into your daily routine to ensure you get between the gaps. Sticking to normal toothpaste with no added baking soda or other ingredients that pose the threat of wear, can ensure this too.

3. For a long-term & cost effective solution 

So investing in implants will cost, but that cost, in the long run, is actually a lot more cost effective than most treatments. Once the posts have been inserted, individually designed replacement teeth are screwed in to create a natural and even smile. This technique means the implants are long lasting, with no need for replacements. 

Dental Implants Liverpool 

Ollie & Darsh the private dental practice in Liverpool can offer their expertise in a free consultation! Any foods you’ve been unable to eat or you’ve shied away from will no longer exist with dental implants, the beautifully natural solution to missing teeth.

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  1. I think if I miss a tooth, I will make an implant. I agree with you and I'd also add that it's better to have all your teeth to be able to eat properly and digest the food better :) thanks for sharing x

  2. So many people opt for these nowadays because image is so important, and your smile is part of your first impression.

    1. I also think it can really knock your confidence when you have a tooth missing.

  3. Fab post. Dental implants can do a lot for the self esteem.

  4. I would definitely go for an implant if I would miss any front teeth. Fortunately I don't. They are costly, painful but worth it.

  5. I have some dental implants as I have really poor teeth but I don't think anyone ever notices the difference.

    1. That is great that no one notices you have them.

  6. NO way! The look insanely amazing. Most certainly worth doing :)

  7. As someone with a fear of false teeth this would always be the option I would be wanting if my teeth started to fall out x

    1. I think it does give a natural look, they even match the colour of your natural teeth to the implants.


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