First Time Travellers Guide to Bandung Indonesia

Bandung, the capital city of West Java, Indonesia, is nicknamed Paris of Java because of its resemblance to the European atmosphere. Located in the lush Parahyangan mountains, it is also known as Kota Kembang which means Flower City. The well-known tourist destinations attract a large number of tourists and travellers from all across the world. There are many things to do in Bandung as well as tasting the local food and shopping for local handicrafts and many travellers say that one of their best vacation experiences has been in Bandung. There is a huge variety of important Indonesian attractions in the area, and the food is cheap and delicious. 

Ge-dung Sate in Bandung Copyright: tangyan Shutterstock

If you are travelling to Bandung for the first time, why not make use of Traveloka, which happens to be one of the leading portals for hotel & flight booking online in Indonesia. The GH Universal Hotel is a very popular choice as they offer an unparalleled experience of hospitality.  This is the hotel for you if you are looking for a comfortable stay at a great price!

After checking in, and a short rest, get ready to discover the wonders of the city. It is time for shopping and sightseeing. If you are serious about shopping, head for the factory outlets at Jl Riau or Jl Dago where you will come across an endless variety of clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories under all the famous brands. You will be able to find excellent bargains at these factory outlets with many items at half price. 

  • Kawah Putlih Copyright: Sylvia sooyoN Shutterstock 
Next explore the great outdoors and there is plenty to explore. Visit the stunningly beautiful lake, Kawah Putih, which is just two hours away from Bandung city where the sulphuric lake sources out from a volcano. Then, head for another volcano, Tangkuban Perahu, which is dormant and you can drive up to its very rim. 

Explore the Villa Isola, perched at the northern part of Bandung. It was built by an Italian millionaire and offers a breathtaking view of the city. Another architectural wonder is Gedung Merdeka that came to the attention of people for hosting the first Asian-African conference in the area. Go to Gedung Sate which is a public building popular for its design. The building's central pinnacle -resembles the shape of the Indonesian traditional dish satay. It was built by and used by the Dutch companies, but the place is open to the public.

View from top of Gunung Batu, Bandung Copyright Wander With Jo

Ciater Hot Springs are very popular among the locals as well as visitors. You can take a dip at one of the less crowded private hot spring pools and do not forget to take your bathing suits with you. You can even go hiking in Bandung.

Another must-visit tourist destination is the Lembang Floating Market where you will find superbly landscaped surroundings, Telly Tubby like bunny holes; boat rides, Indonesian food and goods. This is the place for the avid photographers. Kampung Daun is an incredible, traditional rustic village or 'kampong', great if you are seeking an outdoor dining experience.

There you have it! Now that you are well familiar with Bandung and what it holds for you get ready to enjoy and plan a great holiday in Bandung, even as a first timer.

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