Bidvine Photography Review

We can't all be skilled in everything, and now you don't have to be as Bidvine can come to the rescue.

Bidvine puts you, the consumer, in touch with professionals that can help you, freeing you up to spend time on things that really matter. Maybe you need someone to fix your washing machine, a maths tutor for your kids, or a photographer to take a family photo shoot, well Bidvine can help you find competitively priced skilled people and by comparing quotes you are in charge and can choose the best person for the job. 

It's such an excellent idea don't you think?

To get a quote is simple. You search for the skill you need, put in your postcode and voila! At the moment it is only open to England but I can see this service expanding in the future. 

So I tried this out looking for a photographer in Bristol. When you go through the process online it asks you relevant questions to help you get the exact service you need. For my request of a portrait photographer it asked me the following questions, with multiple choice options:-

What type of portrait do you need?
Where will these photos be taken?
What style of images are you looking for?
In what format would you like the final image?
What is your estimated budget for the photographer's services and images?
Where can the service be delivered?
When do you need Portrait Photography?
Anything else the Portrait Photographer needs to know?
Where do you need Portrait Photography? 

Multiple choice questions help narrow down what is required

Once you fill all the details in, you can create an account to save the details with your email address or with Google Plus or Facebook. Then once you submit your request they will get in touch will professionals for you and you sit back and wait for the quotes to come into your inbox.

I was expecting this process to take a few days, possibly a week but I was pleased to find the first email in my inbox within 30 minutes, and all quotes received within a day. These also go into your Quote List on the Bidvine site. This is where you can view each company's portfolio, qualification and references, reviews and more. 

The photographers matched sounded a good fit, and you can see them all in the My Requests section. Profiles can include credentials, licences, references and more for you to review and Bidvine review every service provider's profile before it goes live.  Once you hire someone for a job and the work is done, you can then review your experience on their site. This is an incredible useful tool as these reviews can only be placed by authentic customers.

In summary, I thought the Bidvine concept was great. The website is straightforward to navigate and all the hard work of shopping around is done for you.  The best part is, that it's free for the consumer to use. The professionals pay Bidvine for the opportunity to quote for you and you pay the professional for the service performed direct.  

Let me know, what do you think of Bidvine? Would you use this service?

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  1. I love using this site, perfect for finding competitive quotes.

  2. I have used Bidvine a few times now. It is a fantastic service.

  3. This sounds like a great concept and pretty easy to set up too.

  4. I have only been aware of this site just recently, and used it for the first time yesterday.
    Just waiting for some quotes now.
    It seems a fab site to use :)

  5. I was surprised by how quickly they got me quotes, even after making my choices deliberately difficult. Its a good service.

    1. All my quotes came quickly too, I guess it can vary but I couldn't fault the time it took.

  6. I am still impressed with how quickly I got a response, followed by some quotes from Bidvine and that I havent been inundated with emails and spam since!

    1. Good to know you had no spam after using the service.

  7. I have heard of this site a few times, I need to go and check it out later when I have some spare time, thanks :)

  8. Bidvine is brilliant, I used it recently and got my first response within 10 minutes.