Degustabox May

It's time for another Degustabox delivery! The monthly subscription food box is full of new products, perfect for those of us that like a bit of adventure with their food. Every month you get between 9-14 items, and with boxes only £12.99 inclusive of postage you are guaranteed to get much more than that in value.

This month we get all this lovely food.

Schwartz Grill Mates Marinade In A Bag £2.19

This is a no mess way of getting fabulously tasty meat, fish or veg. Pop the food in the bag in the fragrant marinade, leave for 30 minutes and then simply cook. Simples. Available in 6 delicious flavours when you want something different to boring chicken, beef, fish or veg.

Maggi Noodles 2 x £1.49

These noodles with a spice sachet are great to keep in your cupboard. Just add vegetables and some cooked chicken or pork for example for a tasty, super quick and nutritious meal. Great for those that don't like cooking much, from kettle to table in next to no time.

9 Bar £2.00

These bars are packed full of seeds including pumpkin, sun flower and sesame as well as dried apricots and dates and are topped with carob. A great nutritious snack that will full you up and give you energy. When you are craving chocolate but want something healthier.

Slim Pasta £2.49

I have tried Slim Pasta before and cannot believe it is only 21 calories per 100g. Made from all natural Konjac flour and oat fibre, use this instead of normal pasta for a low calories meal. This is also gluten, fat and sugar free and suitable for vegetarian and vegans. Helps you lose weight in conjunction with a low calorie diet.

Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue Sauce £2.99

This barbecue sauce is rich and delicious and perfect for Hunters Chicken. You can use it as a marinade or on ribs or as a dip for wings and on top of burgers too. It tastes sweet with a lovely smokiness and it is very tasty.

Sarsons Balsamic Vinegar £2.00

This full bodied balsamic from Modena - where the best balsamic is made, is great for salad dressings. The Italians have balsamic with strawberries as they say it brings out the flavour of the fruit. Can't wait to try this for tea tonight.

Green Coco 80p

This drink is made from coconut juice with banana. Organic from selected plantations, this is an alternative to fizzy drinks for those of all ages.

Daelmans Stropwafels £2.00

I have tried waffles like these before and they are utterly scrumptious. It recommends that you warm them over your favourite hot beverage so that the caramel is melted like they do in the Netherlands. I popped them in the microwave for 20 seconds and ate them warm, just be careful not to heat them too long because of the hot caramel.

Fuel 10K £2.69

A wheat biscuit with added protein, great to keep you fuller for longer. High in fibre and low in sugar and salt, these make a super breakfast. They taste the same as a well known branded wheat biscuit too so no compromising on taste.

If you would like to subscribe a Degustabox subscription costs £12.99 per month, inclusive of delivery. The value of the items is usually a lot higher. If you would like a discount of £3 enter code 16LVE into checkout when registering.

You can find Degustabox here:-

Tell me what do you think of the food this month?


  1. These look like good products. I suppose it's good for introducing a little surprise in your diet.

  2. That is a very random varity, pretty cool though.

    1. There is always an interesting mix of products.

  3. Theres some good products here and ones i've never heard of before x

  4. Great selection of products. I love 9bars; they taste like a small piece of heaven

  5. Wow this box looks great this month - I love Stroopwaffles and 9 bars so it would be worth it just for that and that BBQ sauce looks interesting as well

    Laura x