How Much Gold Is There In The World?

Gold is such a wonderful and diverse metal, it's not just used for some of the most incredible jewellery but is actually reserved by countries all over the world. Why? Gold is reserved as a sort of back up, should a country be down on money (essentially). It's like a long term investment, so if the price of gold rises they can trade some of their gold for cold hard cash. Below is an infographic that looks as a handful of countries, known for their gold reserves, showing how much they actually have with an interesting fact or two about gold itself. It is interactive so have a look and click on the countries.

Who do you think has the most gold?

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  1. I love the little comparisons and wow Russia has a lot!

  2. China sure likes its gold! Fascinating stuff!

  3. This is really fascinating looking at the different countries. Interesting that Australia store their gold with the Bank of England. I expected them to have a lot more gold for some reason!

    Laura x x x

  4. How interesting! If I ever buy any I like to treat myself to Welsh gold x

    1. Welsh gold is beautiful, traditionally it has a rose gold hue due to the copper alloy mix.

  5. Oh I love little infographics like this, they're so interesting!


  6. Interesting info. Russia has a whole lot of gold.

  7. I am shocked about Frances Germany and Italy's total, I thought we would have about the same amount.