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A Perfect Proposal: Choosing The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding, choosing and selecting a woman’s most important piece of jewellery, an engagement ring, can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be.

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A favourite romantic comedy may provide proposal inspiration, and a quick search on You Tube can offer  real life examples of a successful initial-stage commitment between partners. In fact, an estimated 80% or more of engaged couples seal the deal with rings. And not just any ring, mind you. 

An engagement ring is the first step in identifying a woman as “betrothed.” The second step is the wedding band, which solidifies the union between the couple. Conceivably, an engagement ring is one of the two pieces of jewellery a woman will wear for the duration of her marriage.

Buying an engagement ring is a lot of responsibility and a significant decision. While many couples actually shop together – or even design – the woman’s diamond engagement ring, there are those men who take the road of tradition and surprise their future bride with a ring of his (and only his) choosing. This is where an expert must be consulted. Unless he is in the business, or has specialist knowledge, consulting a diamond specialist is a guy’s best chance for not only a stylish ring, but one with a certified, quality diamond. 

Your jeweller should be vetted – and trusted. It’s also critical to find an honest jeweller who takes pride in their products, in their design and in their business. In the last decade, online jewellery sales have been on a steady rise, and established jewellers like diamondqueensland.com.au make considerations for their customer and consider quality, service and affordability at the forefront. 

A man takes a giant step forward in his life and must make a huge leap of faith in his choice of jewellers. He can be confident in quality jewellers, which features GIA-, HRD-, IGI-, AGS-, DCLA-, ADGL-, and EGL-certified jewels, as well as certification from The 5th C of Diamond Grading, the International Diamond Grading Certificate (an independent, non-profit company – you can’t get much more reliable than that). 

This information may be overwhelming – and perhaps too technical – but what it means is that you’re protected in the knowledge that your jeweller has run the gamut of tests to get where they are, and legitimately know what they are selling – and, critically, what they’re talking about.

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You can design through CAD (Computer Assisted Design) or work directly with a designer. Know your potential future spouse, consider what type of jewellery she wears or what she likes and admires. Take her to a museum exhibition of historical jewellery and observe what she gravitates to. Or, you may be the lucky one who knows his lady well enough where you just already know. 

Today’s diamond engagement ring trends are exciting and fresh, but clearly bear the mark of long-lasting significance and style. The Knot website takes a look at the hottest trends for your rings to consider when designing a new or choosing a ready-to-buy ring and we have our own interpretation.

Rose Gold: flatters all skin tones, has a hint of antique elegance as it harkens to its original popularity.

Split Shank: a band separates into two strands at each reaches the crown, calling further attention to the centre stone.

Side Details: Your ring, when visible from all angles will be notable when the intricate designs are revealed.

Art Deco: With “Downton Abbey” and “The Great Gatsby” styles making a huge comeback, it’s not surprise this gorgeous style of jewellery has a role in the engagement ring world. 

Other accents include:
  • Bows
  • Twisted Bands
  • Mixed Metals (never worry about wearing your ring with any other “colour” of jewellery metal)
  • Double-Halo (super sparkle)
  • Colourful Diamonds and Gems (diamonds come in yellow, pink, chocolate and more; gems like sapphires, etc. add an even more unique touch)
  • East-West Settings (setting an emerald-, marquis-, or emerald-cut stone horizontally and the stone looks larger, and the ring unique)
  • Floral (Hollywood jeweller Erica Courtney has been combining rose gold and flowers for some time now, and the design remains fashion worthy)
Pick the right engagement ring and it will last you a lifetime.
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  1. You can also buy an antique ring-- something with history that has already withstood the test of time!

    1. That is another option worth looking into as well.

  2. I'd definitely love colour in an engagement ring and want the guy to pick it M xx

    1. Would you prefer a coloured stone? A sapphire or ruby is another alternative or a coloured diamond.

  3. My other half found mine on ebay! :D xxx

    1. He must have had a bargain then

    2. I think if you buy from a reputable jewellers you can have more of a guarantee where the diamond came from.

  4. We really weren't that fussy, hubby bought a cheap one at first as we didn't have much money, that snapped so we replaced it with one that was half price that I really liked the look of.

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

  5. There's nothing quite like a diamond, is there? I don't wear mine all the time - being rather prone to leave rings on the side of sinks etc. I love emeralds too but someone told me it's quite a soft stone and easy to chip.

    1. A diamond is the hardest stone you can buy and perfect for an engagement ring. An emerald is a softer stone so I guess it could chip.

  6. Great tips, I'd love a silver engagement ring. Or perhaps rose gold - the colour's beautiful!! x

    1. I love rose gold but it is hard to find any engagement ring in this precious metal.

  7. Some really good tips there, thankfully my other half chose mine and he did a great job x


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