What To Wear To A Job Interview

With a new year comes new resolutions. Many people like to make a fresh start, whether they are thinking of a healthier way of living, starting a new hobby or interest or considering changing jobs and applying for a new one. 

If you do start applying for jobs, through a UK job search, and you get an interview, it's always a good idea to refresh interview techniques and revisit what to wear to an interview.

In my experience, it is always best to dress as smartly as possible. Unless you are applying for a job in the artistic job sector, dress conservatively. I am sure you already know this but this is not the time to wear your Monsters Of Rock, Hello Kitty or Dr Who t-shirt however much you love it! As pointed out below there may be other jobs such as nannying that you may feel out of place wearing a suit at an interview, showing that you can sit on the floor and play with the children in a more casual outfit may be better. However If in doubt I would always say smarter is better than casual.

Clothes do not have to be expensive but it is a good idea to invest in a classic suit if you can afford it. Dark colours such as black or navy often work best. Your clothes shouldn't be the focus of the attention, instead, your personality and experience should shine through.

Edie Navy Pinstripe Skirt Suit, sale price - £100 T M Lewin

Personally, I feel comfort is important as well. I would wear flat or mid heel shoes but not trainers or high heels, although if you are comfortable with high heels go for it. A trouser or skirt suit looks like you mean business and a smart dress and jacket would also be appropriate and would work well. 

For a man, a dark suit is always smart. Shirts can be white, pinstriped or plain colours, personally, I would avoid bright colours and unusual designs.

Attention to detail is also incredibly important. Make sure your shoes are clean, clothes wrinkle-free, shirts ironed and hair well groomed.

Perry Navy Blue Mohair Suit, sale price - £109 TM Lewin

Two companies I particularly like for interview wear are T M Lewin and Marks and Spencer.  Both companies produce good quality smart work clothes for a reasonable price.

Colour Block Shift Dress With Belt  - £49.50 Marks and Spencer

You can personalise your outfit by your choice of jewellery, gold or silver studs, or small drop earrings, a simple bracelet or classic watch adds that touch of class to any outfit. A leather bag also adds style, as well as functionality and a small bag or medium tote, would be the perfect finishing touch.

Leather Stab Stitched Bag from Marks and Spencer - £79

If you wear the right clothes it can really help boost your confidence at an interview, so choose well and you could go far.

If you have any teenagers in your household or recent graduates they may find this guide useful, and if you are applying for a job yourself in the near future then good luck and I wish you all the best.


  1. I really like they grey skirt and top :) xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

    1. The last outfit is a colour block dress and it does look lovely I agree.

  2. Love the grey outfit and I hate job interviews :) so stressful!

  3. I guess it would also depend on the job you are going for.
    As a Nanny I wouldn't turn up to an interview in a suit as I would want to show It could get down on the floor and play with the kids

    1. Point taken Clare, I did mention if you work in the artistic sector then you may not want to dress conservatively and there are other jobs like a nanny you may not wish to wear a suit for, but if in doubt it is often better to dress smarter than more casually.

  4. Great advice, I agree about dressing appropriately for the job you are being interviewed for x

  5. I remember wearing a tie dye skirt and flip flops to an interview for a Saturay job when I was 16- I didn't want the job, my mum thought I should have one. Sadly because she worked there I got the job despite my best efforts not to!

  6. Oh I like the Marks and Spencers clothes. I need to think about some for next month actually.

  7. It frustrates me when people turn up for interview in jeans these days

  8. I love that Marks and Spencer outfit...and the bag, really smart and professional looking.