Where To Splurge And Where To Save When Updating Your Bedroom

Updating your bedroom (or any room for that matter) can be fun, with endless possibilities of colours, styles and decor. Your bedroom, in particular, is one room to pay extra attention to – it’s where you spend a lot of time, after all. However, it can be easy to get carried away, forgetting about your budget. Unless you have unlimited funds, you’re going to have to save on costs somewhere – but where?

Knowing where to spend and where to save can help you to give your bedroom a makeover without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on where you can splurge and pull back when updating your bedroom.

Where to splurge – your bed


Of all the items you’re going to splurge on when updating your bedroom, your bed should be on the top of your list. Often the focal point of your bedroom, a quality bed frame is a decor statement piece, while also providing you with the support you need for a great night’s sleep.

Think about the decor style you want and then pick a bed frame to suit. There are plenty of options from dark woods to modern whites and cosy material bedheads. Also look for frames with added storage, like shelves or under-bed storage!

Don’t forget about the mattress

No bed set-up is complete without a quality mattress! This is one of the most important purchases as it’s responsible for supporting your body for a good night’s sleep. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding a mattress. You need to think about three things: sleeping position, body type, and your personal preference on the type of mattress you want.

When considering your sleeping position, your mattress should be firm enough to support and comfort your body as you sleep. Body type is also important to think about as weight affects the amount of pressure on the bed. Personal preference is more about what mattress type and materials you prefer (e.g. innerspring, coil, foam).

Once you’ve splurged on your mattress the next step is splashing out on your bedding.

Bedding (sheets and quilts) not only keep your mattress clean, but can also make your bed cosy and inviting, and add a pop of colour to your bedroom. They also come in a variety of materials from cotton, which is popular for its natural and breathable fibre, to bamboo, which is great for allergies, to budget-friendly polyester.

Where to save – bedroom furniture

If you’ve splurged on your bed and mattress, it’s time to save a bit of money when it comes to the other furniture in your room. Pieces like your bedside table are considered a heavy-use item, meaning they can often suffer a lot of wear and tear. This is where you want to spend the money to ensure you get a quality item that lasts. Bedside tables, on the other hand, can often be picked up in a range of designs and colours for affordable prices.

If you have a built-in wardrobe, you shouldn’t need any more drawers or other cupboards, but you can easily and cheaply buy some storage baskets or hangers to add more storage options in the wardrobe. If you don’t have a built-in, try to find one freestanding wardrobe that will do the job.

Where to splurge – a rug for your bedroom floor


While the floor might be one of the last places you think of splurging when updating your bedroom, it is worth investing in.

Whether you have floorboards or carpet, an area rug can do many things for your bedroom, from protecting the floor from wear and tear and acting as a sound barrier, to adding some texture and keeping your toes warm in winter.

Look for a rug that can provide you with all the above benefits, and is durable and easy to clean, so it will last for years.

Where to save – your décor

Usually, the finishing touch on updating your bedroom is to add some décor – art on the wall, or a little knick-knack on a shelf or windowsill. The decor is a great place to save money by limiting your selections to a few favourites.

If you’re looking to add some colour and life to your walls, you can easily find affordable canvas art that will do the job. To save some money, try to find one piece that really speaks to you and fits your bedroom style.

When it comes to knick-knacks, while they can bring character to your bedroom, too many of them can make the room feel cluttered (and can give you more dusting to do). Much like your wall art, pick a couple of pieces that are your favourite and spread any leftovers around the house.

Keep in mind that decor trends come and go, so you might be changing up your design frequently!

Where to splurge – your curtains

bed and curtains

Curtains or blinds are so much more than just window dressings. They can provide you with privacy, block out noise and light, and even help with climate control. That makes them one of the most important pieces of the bedroom worth splurging on. Make sure you opt for a durable fabric that will withstand daily use.

Where to save – throw pillows

Throw pillows are one of the easiest bedroom accessories to find in a variety of colours at an affordable price, so you don’t need to fork out too much. Another thing to consider is how many you want: one may be too few for your liking, but too many can just lead to clutter.

Now that you know where you can splurge and where you can save when updating your bedroom, you can easily transform it into the sleep sanctuary of your dreams.

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