Thursday, 16 October 2014

Styling My Celeb Man Crush

English: Hugh Jackman at the premiere for Real...
English: Hugh Jackman at the premiere for Real Steel in September 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's no secret, I have a crush on Hugh Jackman. It may be the lovely smile, dark good looks or his personable approachable way. Or perhaps the fact that he is an amazing actor, whether playing tough guys or those characters like Jean Valjean from Les Miserables, that have a vulnerability, he can transport you to that moment in time. One thing you also notice is that he is always smiling for the camera and although he is snapped everywhere you never get him confronting the paparazzi. He seems like a genuine Mr Nice Guy.

So when New Look asked me to work on their Man Crush Monday campaign I only had one man in mind, and that had me thinking, which clothes would Hugh wear and for what occasion?

Hugh is a family man and he loves nothing better than picking up his kids from school, so one look for him would be a casual, easy to wear look -  a simple dressed down effortless style.  As you can see, the prices below are great. Hugh, if you are listening you don't need to go to the high end luxury fashion boutiques, take a trip to New Look instead. The chinos are slim fit, the hoodie is warm and easy to wash the kids sticky handprints off, the trainers comfortable and easy to wear, and the dark grey burnt out t-shirt is a modern classic.

Perfect for picking up the kids from school
zip up hoodie £14.99, grey burnt out tee £9.99, grey stretch chinos £19.99, dark grey canvas trainers £7.99

Hugh's easy going nature and charm makes him look effortless when presenting awards - the most notable being the 2009 Oscars.  I therefore also wanted a very smart dressy look for him. Well New Look came up trumps again, see my outfit choice below. I would never have thought you could buy a tux and a shirt with a bow tie from New Look, but, guess what, you can.

Perfect for hosting the Oscars
black tailored jacket £27, black sateen trousers £9, waistcoat £11, white ribbed contrast bow tie shirt £13 - all in the sale

I said earlier, Hugh is a big family man, well he is also a very loving husband. He has been with his wife Deborra-Lee for a number of years, sorry all you lovely ladies out there! So I also want to style him for a romantic meal out with his wife. The tweed jacket, and v neck jumper are classics that never go out of fashion and the look is updated with slim fit dark jeans and navy brogues with contrasting soles.

A romantic meal out with the wife
brown tweed jacket £44.99, navy shoes £24.99, navy v neck jumper £14.99, dark blue slim fit coated jeans £34.99

So what do you think of the way I have styled my celeb crush. Did you know that New Look also sell men's clothing?



  1. Great choices, very stylish indeed! And no, I didn't know that New Look stocked menswear! You learn something new everyday! Will be getting my OH to go and check out their rails!

  2. Some good ones , dont have a crush on him but do love his films.

  3. Wow, check out New Look and their smart clothes. I'm impressed. It's not a shop I go to anymore although I'm sure that will change as my girls get older!

    1. I do buy in there and I'm 40 plus. Their jeans are particularly great.

  4. I didn't know they had brought back the menswear in New Look. My brother bought a scarf from our local store when he came go visit a couple of years ago.

    1. They have never had menswear at my local store. Interesting to know they have brought it back then. Good prices too.

  5. Great choice! High Jackman is a babe. Always like a man in a suit too :)

  6. love the romantic meal style . very hot!!

  7. nice choices. I had no idea New Look sold DJs!

  8. Is this a comp Mel? Id have a go myself if it is. ;)

  9. oh Hugh Jackman! *swoons* great picks x


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