Flint Plus Flint Skin Care Review

FlintPlusFlint is a family run British company that run a chain of cosmetic clinics throughout the UK. With the experience and expertise they have gained with over a million skin care treatments they have now developed a range of skin care products, that you can readily buy online.
Maxine Flint said; “It was important to us to create a series of simple products using active ingredients that are easy to use, not crazily priced and most importantly really work."
They also take quality extremely seriously and use many of the active ingredients in medical dermatology products but at a more realistic price for the customer.

So what products do they make, you may ask? Well the products include moisturiser, exfoliator, serum, lip and eye cream amongst others. 

Interesting packaging - first aid for the skin perhaps?

What you first notice when the products arrive is the packaging. The black, almost dark grey boxes are decorated with a bright cross, this makes me think of the products as being marketed as "first aid for the skin". 

I was sent the primer to try myself and the eye hero for my husband.
SPF 30 Primer - £25 for 50ml

What they say about the primer, "A defensive primer for protection against harmful UVA, UVB and UV rays. Containing Venuceane™, Mongongo oil and OSILIFT®."

Firstly, importantly, the primer has a SPF of 30. Nothing ages like the sun so this is a bonus in my opinion, as it provides UVA and UVB protection as well as doing the job of keeping of your makeup in place.

When I applied the cream lightly to my skin, it appeared to absorb well. What I noticed was that it made my skin feel incredibly soft. This must be the Mongongo oil that is used to nourish the skin. Mongongo oil is an oil that has been used for thousands of years by the Bushmen of the Kalahari to protect their skin. 

So after a few minutes, where I allowed the primer to settle on my skin, I applied my make up on top.  Did it make my makeup last longer? Yes I felt it did, and it also left a natural sheen on my skin.

I think this primer is particularly good for those with dry skin due to the oil used in the formulation. Although it is primarily a primer is is also marketed as an anti wrinkle cream, and I felt that my fine lines and wrinkles appeared softer and seemed plumped up after a few days of use. This is due to OSILIFT® which is a natural sugar made from oats.

Eye Hero - £37 for 15ml

What they say about the Eye Hero, " A brightening, smoothing cream for eyes and deep wrinkles containing active ingredients EYESERYL®, Beautifeye™ and Gransil DMCM-5."

EYESERYL works directly on under eye puffiness, Beautifeye helps rejuvenate the eye area and lift the upper eye lids and Gransil DMCM_5 provides a soft focus effect to lines and wrinkles

My husband used this product as he has deeper wrinkles than me, although I have to admit I did try it once. It feels light and silky on application to the skin. 

After using it for a number of days, my husband said his skin appeared softer around the eyes and he also felt the eye area was slightly less puffy. On observation the wrinkles around his eye area did appear less pronounced, in my opinion.  To see a big improvement I think you would have to use it over a long period of time.

Would we buy these products in future? I would certainly buy the primer as a treat, and I would highly recommend it for those with dry skin. The Eye hero needs a longer trial period to see how effective it is, but early results were promising.

Flint Plus Flint say, "We are so convinced that it works that we’re offering a full refund to anyone who is not completely satisfied.” How often do you hear that these days?

For more information visit http://flintplusflint.com/


  1. I have never seen any product like this before, i have dry skin, so i may get some to see if it helps me.

    Marie x

    1. The primer is great if you have dry skin Marie. It is really moisturising as well as keeping your makeup in place all day.

  2. Oh I love that they do mens and womens skincare - love the design and the sound like really great products - thanks so much for sharing

    Laura x

    1. I think men wouldn't be embarrassed having these boxes on the shelf.

  3. These sound great and it's amazing your husband noticed a change after just a few days, which is promising! X

  4. This product is new to me too. It's good to get an impartial view on beauty products.

    1. Yes these are new to the market. Thanks for the comment Francene.

  5. Ooooh I'll tell my biggest sister about this! Looks great! X

  6. I love them, I was look enough to win some and love the eye serum.

    1. How exciting, it is always lovely to win things :)