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I struggle with my weight so recently I asked some of my friends for some dietary tips in an effort to kick start my diet. These tips seem to work for them. Remember always see your doctor if you are very unfit or have a lot of weight to lose before starting a diet and exercise regime. 

I've lost over 6 stones by doing simple things - cut carbs, lots of fruit and veg. L Davis

Avoid white rice and white bread at all costs - rice cakes are really bad they make your insulin levels soar then plummet causing you to eat more and more.... L Fancy

I've been doing Slimming World since January. I always thought it would be faddy but it hasn't, it's just educated me in eating the right things. J Bagnell

Kettlercise - I've tried everything and its the only thing I see virtual instant results from. Toning and weight loss. S Roberts

I use an app to record everything I eat. Seeing the calories add up through the day stops me eating so much! J Blunt

Look when buying 'fat free' items.. It might be fat free but the calories and sugar are prob high.. Your better off having say 2 nice 98% meat sausages than 3 rubbish quality cheaper ones. KJ Walters.

I try to avoid buying chocolate as my willpower is non existent but If you have kids in the house and find their treats tempting, purchase ones you don't like. E.L Garratt

For me it's all about portion sizes - I still eat nice things, just less of them. L Petitt

Smaller plates/portions sizes, Using the Slimpod, exercise - start out small and get better, a ten minute walk is better than ten mins in front of the TV (for your waist line!). CE Williams

Count your calories and actually be aware of what you eat. C.S. Clarke

Cut out fizzy drinks and energy drinks...really should heed my own advice though. B. Smith

Make sure you do not mistake hunger for thirst, always have a drink of water when you think you might be hungry J. Jenkins-Jessup

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Eat right drink plenty of water and the main bit is exercise and remember 'no pain no gain'. R Walton

Snack on plain popcorn cooked in pan with a little olive oil. Very filling. K White

Some great tips there don't you think?

Recently I have been trying to take some of this advice on board and trying ways to lose weight myself.

I never drink enough fluid so I have been drinking a glass of water instead of snacking. This fills you up and hydrates you, flushing the toxins out of your system. 

Whole grains
I have also been trying to avoid white bread and pasta. Wholemeal bread and grains keep your blood sugar up and stops you feeling hungry quickly, sustaining energy release. 

I do love porridge and I find porridge made porridge oats with water and a little honey and soya milk filling and delicious. Oats are also great for the heart, being anti-platelet sticking.

Fruit and Veg
As I have been trying to really lose weight, I have been substituting either lunch or breakfast for fruit or salad.  This will reduce my calorie intake without actually calorie counting, but I am very careful about salad dressing.

Side dishes
Instead of having lots of side accompaniments to a meal I have been cutting this right down. In the past I could easily eat half a loaf of garlic bread, so now I will let myself have one or two pieces no more. 

I have been trying to walk an hour a day for at least 5 times a week. This works out to approximately 3 miles and I burn on average 300 calories doing this. I use the Runkeeper app which is brilliant for monitoring exercise.

Tell me what are your diet and fitness tips?
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  1. I'm struggling with my weight too (too much sitting down and writing!). Always been a slimming world fan, but it hasn't been working so well. Think I just need to get up and do some more exercise!! Good luck.

    1. Exercise does help but you need to watch your weight too. Exercise can increase your appetite.

  2. I find it hard to diet, as I'm a food blogger! :D But one thing I do is to use the My Fitness Pal iPhone app - you can track all of the calories you consume (you can even scan barcodes instead of having to type everything in), and you can add your exercise each day too. Makes you realise just how calorific things like a glass of wine really are!

    1. Oh gosh that must be hard for you. I forgot to mention My Fitness Pal. I use it too when I'm counting calories strictly. It's a brilliant app and its free!

  3. I must admit - I'm a Slimming World girl here as it's helped me loose 4 stone! I do think you can have a little of everything in your diet - you just have to balance it all correctly! Some great tips here to look at and give a go :)

  4. I struggle with willpower!! I really need to become more aware, I walked miles and miles when I was pregnant but working again now I don't walk half as much as I used to but it made such a difference to my weight!

    Helen X

  5. I think the thing to note the most is that different things work for different people! I lost nearly 6 stone doing the Cambridge Weight Plan (and not complete replacement either!) and kept it off for 2 years. Because I dropped the ball and slipped back into old habits, it creeped back on, and now I'm focusing my mind again and already 15lbs down after committing 100% to it. x

    1. Well done on the weight loss. The hard bit is keeping it off.

  6. I really struggle to lose weight - I love sandwiches so too much bread and I struggle with replacement foods.
    My best tip is to write down every single thing that you eat - that shocked me into cutting down

    1. Great tip Jennifer, writing down your food helps you analyse your intake.

  7. Thats a wonderful post lovely. sometimes simple additions and changes in daily life can just do the trick. I think I should start adding more Whole Grains to my diet x

    D, x