My Belvita Poem

This is my morning story, why we love Belvita.

What do I want for breakfast you ask?
Well this isn't a complicated or difficult task.
Something tasty, quick and good for me or you,
With fibre, wholegrains and vitamins too. 
Conveniently packed and perfect on the go,
Releasing energy and goodness nice and slow.
My son loves the yogurt crunch cocoa you see,
My hubby the chocolate, mixed berry for me.
So many delicious varieties to eat,
Like blueberry, and milk and cereal wholewheat.
With some fruit and a latte or smoothie to drink.
A balanced nutritious breakfast I think!
Also handy to keep when you want a munch,
As Belvita gives that satisfying crunch.
So if you're worried about having breakfast in time,
Just think of my little Belvita rhyme.
Pop some in your basket when next in the shops,
You'll be thanking me in the morning rush!

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Have you tried Belvita biscuits? 


  1. What a great poem, good luck with the competition:)

  2. I've seen a couple of entries to this... Love this one, really original! Good luck :)

  3. Love your poem :) Will have to keep an eye out for the biscuits!

  4. Haven't tried them yet, but your poem's making me feel kinda hungry! :-)

  5. Not a particular fan of breakfast biscuits - they don't really fill me up and feel too sweet (says she having had a pastry for breakfast!)

    1. I think the milk and cereal Belvita's are quite nice and not too sweet. Why don't you give them a try?

  6. Great poem! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part