Incredible Incredisocks Review

Incrediwear are one of those brands you may not have heard of, but as soon as you wear their products you wonder why you haven't heard of them before! They produce a range of high-performance socks and braces with the emphasis on technological comfort.

Incredisocks are ideal for athletics, hiking, sports and also everyday activities, and perfect for diabetics they are a must have product for the winter season.  

Unlike ordinary socks they increase circulation with improved blood flow allowing more oxygen to the tissues. This helps to reduce inflammation and give the skin a healthier colour. 

Incredisocks have a high thread count which makes a superior comfortable sock. Their unique 3-d design provides excellent cushioning and keeps your feet absolutely dry. Another benefit is that they have a natural antimicrobial that kills the odour causing bacteria as they are made of a bamboo charcoal.

I was given some Incredisocks to try and chose some suitable for my husband who has just taken up running. He found the socks very comfortable and of a high quality, with great cushioning for running.

You can buy Incredisocks from their website - with prices from £12.95. You can buy ladies socks, special outdoor socks and diabetic socks amongst others. The ladies socks look lovely perfect for exercising in particular. I think I may order some for Zumba!

To recap these socks are great comfortable and have a range of benefits, why don't you try some now, I don't think you will be disappointed.

Core benefits of Incredisocks:

• Increase blood flow and oxygen
• Ensure feet stay dry
• Regulate temperature
• Reduce swelling
• Anti-microbial
• Reduce pain
• Increase range of motion

* PR sample

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