16 And A Zombie

Well, it doesn't seem like that long ago my lovely boy J was born. He is a great kid and really kind and caring however he does love computer games with lots of shooting and anything with Zombies. As a special treat for his birthday, he went with his stepdad to Reading to shoot Zombies. Zedevents organise a great experience in an abandoned shopping mall and he absolutely loved it. If you think you can survive a Zombie Apocalypse and have nerves of steel why don't you check out their website now?

As another treat for him, I had a picture of him Zombified for his birthday.

Ian at www.undeadme.co.uk took a photo of J, and turned it into something truly horrifying!

Me and J before

J after 

I would highly recommend www.zedevents.co.uk and www.undeadme.co.uk as both make unique presents for Zombie mad people!

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