Getting Fab and Fit(ter) in my Forties

I have to say I love Zumba! There I have said it. Which is lucky for me as it a fun way to lose weight and lose weight I definitely need to do.

I have a fabulous holiday planned for later in the year to the golden coast of California where everyone is a size zero. Me I'm probably a size 100! Thank god for Photoshop that's all I can say.

I want to go from this

Stomach models own!

To this 

Well I love my food so I am planning to cut out the rubbish, the extras with the meals, eat more fruit and veg and step up the exercise. I also need to drink more fluid to fill myself up.

I was lucky enough to win some Zumba Clothing recently and this will spur on my weight loss. 

My goal is to reach a size 12 in the first instance and go from there. I would like to lose a stone by the middle of April, which should be achievable as that is approx a lb a week.

I am tracking my food intake and exercise on my phone and would love a Fit Bit to make it easier to do this. The Zip wireless tracker is in one word AWESOME. It encourages you to follow your goals, tracking all exercise taken and helps push you to the next level at your own pace.

I have written this blog post to get myself motivated and also to enter the GET FIT FEEL EPIC competition run by from the Yummy Mummy In Training Blog.

Money Supermarket are offering a fab prize of a Zip which is a fab little device which tracks your steps taken, distance and calories burned and then syncs it to either your computer or select smart phones so that you can see exactly how much you are actually doing per day. A great idea to keep motivated! You also get the chance to win an Aria Smart Scales which also works out your body fat and links it wirelessly with
So please Yummy Mummy and Money Supermarket consider me. You've seen my stunt belly now help get me fit!


Once upon a time I used to be slim,
I walked everywhere and joined a gym.
But with a baby came my wobbly tum,
Even though I am proud, everyday to be a mum.
My son however is soon to be 16,
He's a fabulous kid and a strapping teen.
But still I have my wobbly tum,
And I'd rather be a yummy mum!
So Money Supermarket let me win with fitbit,
It's time to lose weight by now I have to admit.
When I'm on the beach in the California sun,
And the film stars look twice at this yummy mum,
I'd know it was worth entering this draw,
When Leonardo looks twice or even Jude Law.
And I've saved with my travel money too,
As I bought it from Moneysupermarket its true!