Yorkshire Pudding Heaven

I don't know about you but I love Yorkshire Puddings - there I have said it! Although they are traditionally served with roast beef whenever I go out for a Sunday dinner I always ask for Yorkshire puddings with ANY roast I have as they are scrummy. So when I saw Aunt Bessie's were running a competition to show various ways of using them I thought I would have a go, as I already have some in the freezer anyhow.

Chilli beef soup with Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding

So I put my thinking cap on. Yorkshire puddings are made with flour, eggs and milk, in fact the recipe is a pancake recipe so this is my idea for the Aunt Bessie's Challenge

Serves 4

4 Aunt Bessie's individual Yorkshire puddings
Handful of strawberries sliced
4 scoops of good quality vanilla ice cream (not soft scoop)
150 ml Whipping cream - whipped up ( or half fat squirty cream if you are keeping an eye on the fat content)
Chocolate sprinkles or 2 Cadburys flakes crushed up

Cook the Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire puddings in the oven according to the instructions. Top with sliced strawberries, Aunt Bessie's individual puddings are perfect Ice cream scoop size so put one scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream in the centre of the Yorkshire pudding, then take the whipped cream (or half fat squirty cream) and top quickly. Sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles or flake or sliced strawberries and ENJOY!


This is an ideal pudding to make with little ones as they will have fun using the ice cream scoop, the squirty cream and topping with the chocolate sprinkles or flake.

So for a little treat, easy to prepare and make, and family friendly why not try my Yorkshire ice cream delight, I bet you and your family will love it. The only thing is you will have to eat it up quickly before the ice cream melts, but that's not exactly a hardship is it ? ;-)

This is my entry for the #halftermfood challenge in conjunction with BritMums sponsored by Aunt Bessie's  

How would I fit this into a meal plan?

Well I would make this;-

Aunt Bessies Autumn / Winter Warmer Menu

Vegetable soup with garlic croutons - if really hungry add some light and fluffy Aunt Bessies dumplings

Main Course

Cottage pie with Aunt Bessies perfectly mashed Carrot and Swede topping served with Aunt Bessies mini roasties, peas and
Aunt Bessies red cabbage with Bramley Apple


Aunt Bessies Yorkshire pudding delight

Britmums Aunt Bessie's Challenge


  1. not so sure I would fancy these as a pudding, after all they have salt and garlic and other flavourings in

    1. Hi Elaine I have checked the ingredients and it says flour, egg, egg white, oil, water, skimmed milk powder and salt. No other flavourings. I tried these with my son and as a dessert I didn't noticed an overly salty flavour, and we thought they were yummy. A lot of pancake mixes and recipes do have a pinch of salt in them.

  2. I am going to try this! Sounds yummy and like you say exactly like a pancake recipe except for how it is cooked! Well Done Mel! :)

  3. Ohhhh, I like the idea of using them as a treat =) Sounds really yummy! =D


  4. lol How brilliant. I've never heard of this but you're right Yorkshire PUD, its in the name!!! I love this idea looks really tasty. I'll have to try it out too. Cheers Mellissa such an original idea. Good luck with your competition GREAT Entry!

    1. ha yes it is in the name! Don't forget to check out the other products by Aunt Bessies, I didn't realise they make gravy as well!

  5. (PS: I do) They should make chocolate sauce for these ice-cream puds xx :D

  6. Yummy!!! I'm definitely coming to your house to try it, sounds lovely! :) x

    1. You are welcome anytime we can have an Aunt Bessie's party!

  7. Wow ive never seen a sweet yorkshire pudding before. Unusual but I like it. It looks scrummy. Plus who doesnt like a flake? lol xxxx

  8. Brilliant idea! The kids will love this! X

    1. Well my big kid did - the hubby lol as well as my son

  9. Loving your idea of using Yorkshire pudding as a dessert and there is no doubt this would appeal to the children. Great to see you incorporating Aunt Bessies throughout your meal plan.