When Did I Start to Get Old?

My mum started going grey when she was seventeen. Me - about 2 to 3 months ago I found a very white and very curly hair in my very dark head. Of course, it stood right out. Pulled it out sharpish like, a few days later it's back! Like a Zombie left for dead, but not shot in the head. Yep, I have a teenage son lol.

I shouldn't really complain, I am 41 and I know some of my friends younger than me dye their hair, but it's a recognition I am not that young anymore.

Once upon a time I felt young, I watched Multi-coloured Swap Shop, and Grange Hill,  I had a ZX Spectrum and A Commodore 64. I remember Byker Grove and the original Eastenders cast and dressed up like Olivia Newton John in denim after I saw Grease for the first time (I was 7). I saw the Stranglers in concert and went to The Monsters of Rock at Donington. I wore leg warmers and was in the Nik Kershaw fan club. I was out on a Saturday partying, and a Friday on times. I ate Pot Noodles, Findus crispy pancakes, and Birds Trifle and still weighed 8st 12lbs. 

Now I feel guilty if I eat a Pot Noodle and 70's food.  I realise I'll die early if I sit in and watch TV all day yet all I want to do on a weekend is stay in with a cup of tea and watch X Factor. I watch programmes about Antiques and collectables (Four Rooms you have a lot to answer for!) and programmes about emigrating Down Under. I wear moisturiser with SPF. Wow, I am grown up! I have a Mac and I am now a Mac bore - it's official as I have lost count of how many people I have said to: "Gosh don't buy a Laptop you will get a Virus, get a MAC they are awesome!"

Yes - I still go to concerts - the comedy variety.
I do actually take some exercise - I have been going to Zumba for a year and a half.
Even though I feel guilty if I don't take my makeup off at night I still do it now and again - yes I am a rebel at heart!

So when did I start to grow up? Was it when I had my son? Was it when I set up my own business? When I started going to more funerals than weddings? With age comes responsibility paying bills, looking after others, but do I feel responsible? I guess I do.

Really the question I want to ask is actually this... When did I start to get old?

I know all the cliches - You are only as old as you feel, or you are only as old as the person you feel! Well unless Harry Styles comes along and turns back time for me I think there is no going back really.

Men are called distinguished when they go grey, women, well we are just called old...All the best parts are given to younger actresses unless you are Helen Mirren and have had to fight for years to get the good roles.

So dear reader, do you feel old? When did you start to get old? Can you pinpoint a moment in time? A feeling? A thought? Or do you think you will never feel old?

One good thing is now it's fashionable to be grey, so that is one less thing to worry about in this crazy world....


  1. I started going grey before I left high school, not that I let it show. Dark hair is a curse, because grey shows. Blondes don't have more fun, they just hide the effects better!

  2. I started finding greys in my mid teens - I blame my dad, luckily I have peter pan syndrome so I don't feel old, well most of the time anyway ;-)

    1. I guess lots of women get the odd grey hair but we are experts at hiding it ;)

  3. I have been lucky with the grey hair, only one and I'm 47...the age has shown in my face though. First time I felt old was my 36th birthday, when my son looked through a toilet roll tube and said "Wow 36, thats a very big old number!"
    Chris had his first grey hair at 19 and shhh my son has one and he is 17!

  4. I feel your pain, Mel! I, too, have been finding bright white curls in my almost black hair! It's not a good look. I also owned that very spectrum ZX48 in the picture! Xx

    1. nice to know though I'm not alone! yep I loved the ZX48