Thursday, 23 November 2017

Pay It Forward With A Random Act Of Kindness

At Christmas especially, I am always aware of how lucky I am. When my family has so much - a roof over our heads, appropriate clothing for the weather, plenty of food in the cupboards and love and affection it makes me think of those less fortunate. 

Generally, we are lucky on the whole in the Western world. Our countries may not be perfect, certainly, there is still poverty and there is homelessness, and health care may not be free in some countries, like the US, but we can access clean water, we don't have to worry about drought and hunger generally or affording a basic level of education. 

Because I feel so lucky, every so often, I like to 'pay it forward'.  The 'pay it forward' concept means doing a good deed for someone as you have had a good deed done for you. A random act of kindness so to speak.

Once upon a time when my son was small I was going through a divorce and a rough time. One day, just before Christmas, I had a knock on my door. A lovely hamper of goodies appeared on my doorstep and a note from the Christian playgroup he attended.  They knew we were going through a difficult time and gave us a gift which really helped. The playgroup was an excellent playgroup and helped my son so much, that is why I picked it, not because of the Christian ethos. Actually, I am not a religious person really but this concept, of 'pay it forward', isn't about religion, it's about caring for other people, about making them smile, about giving them a treat and about providing them with something unexpected, and/ or providing them with something that is really needed.

Since then I have tried to pay it forward by doing a random act of kindness now and again. So this Christmas why don't you start your own 'pay it forward'? Instead of buying an advent calendar, why not donate something to the local food bank, instead of giving an expensive gift to your husband, give a smaller gift and make a regular donation in his name to Oxfam. Even something small like leaving enough cash to buy a coffee for the person behind you in a cafe queue can really brighten someone's day. 

Let me know, have you ever paid kindness forward? 

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  1. I've seen lots of people doing the reverse advent calendar idea. I usually put something in the food bank trolley at the supermarket. Lovely post

    1. I like this idea and have already started putting cans and packets in the food bank trolley this year.

  2. Ive heard about this from my mum and dad when they were in Barbados.
    I love the idea - I always give when I can, I think there is always someone less fortunate then you out there somewhere and every little goes a long way for others.
    Perfect post hun.
    Thanks for sharing
    Charlotte x

  3. I've had so much kindness done to me when things have been tough and it's about so much more than the practical aspect. Someone letting you know they care is worth more than anything.

    1. It is. It doesn't have to be about money either. The other day I helped an elderly lady with the self service checkout and she was really grateful and it took me no time.

  4. I'm a *huge* fan of paying it forward/random acts of kindness. I try to do them whenever I get chance, whether it's donating to the local food bank or paying for someone's coffee when they've left their purse in the car.

  5. I'm a huge fan of the pay it forward / random acts of kindness movements. I've been in a similar situation to you and people helped us out with a food hamper. Since then I've always made sure to help anyone else in the same situation or add a few tins to the food bank collections.

  6. So important to pay it forward - especially at this time of year. I love doing random acts of kindness

  7. I am a huge fan of random act of kindness! Every year at Christmas, I put £10 in a big issues sellers hand, I refuse to send Christmas Cards and use the money I would spend on cards/postage and send it to a small local charity (a different one every year)
    I do try and perform RAK as much as I can as I feel it makes my own mental health a little better as it raises a smile to my face. xx

  8. I think its great to pay it forward, its always good to remember to do random acts of kindness


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