Planning A Luxury Road Trip

Considering alternatives to a big flight across the world for your next holiday? As more and more Brits change their holiday plans due to the cost-of-living crisis, there are still plenty of options for an unforgettable break.

If you’ve never treated yourself to a luxurious road trip, 2024 could be the perfect time to try one. Here’s how to plan a tour of the sights in the UK and even beyond while treating yourself like royalty.

Choosing Your Vehicle


Part of the appeal of a luxury road trip is the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a vehicle you wouldn’t ordinarily drive, and nothing will get you excited about your trip more quickly than taking your first look at a car that just screams luxury.

Choosing a car to hire for the trip doesn’t just come down to aesthetics, though you should let yourself indulge on that front. Depending on where you’re planning on driving, you might need to look out for a vehicle that can handle specific kinds of terrain – if the one you really want might struggle, you could enquire about switching it to use Mercedes-branded tyres. Make sure your chosen vehicle has enough room for your luggage, as well.

Picking Out Accommodation

hotel room

While the freedom of driving for as long as you like is part of the magic of a road trip, it’s best not to leave your hotels up to the mercy of what you can find on any given day. To ensure you spend your nights with the same feeling of luxury as your days on the road, you ought to start booking accommodation as far in advance as you can to secure rooms. Knowing where you’ll end up at the end of the day allows you to plan your breaks, too.

Research Your Destinations

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You won’t want to spend all your time actually on the road, of course – picking out things to do from place to place when you stop is half the fun. Start with the furthest point of your journey then start looking into promising destinations at suitable intervals between there and home. To focus on that feeling of luxury, look into the most renowned spas in the range of your journey or find that perfectly picturesque town with the best range of boutique shops to browse.

Get Insured

Even if you’ll be hiring a car for your holiday, it’s still vital that you have proper car insurance when you’re on the road. It’s possible to get temporary insurance for a vehicle you don’t own so if you aren’t already covered for the kind of car you’re excited to drive, make sure to arrange that in advance. If you’re planning to drive over to Europe, you’ll also need to consider travel insurance.

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